With almost the same pay scale, the choice of which PO work the candidate wishes to apply for is completely on the head of the candidate.

Since the basic duties and tasks do remain the same, it should be noted that on a larger scale, the tasks start differing when it comes to the business and scale of work in both the organizations. While being on probation, a PO/MT will be asked to work on anything and everything, irrespective of the task level based on the post, which in turn helps in training the candidate in advance for the upcoming challenges and tasks that might come his/her way while performing the assigned duties.

Also, taking up all kinds of tasks helps to acquaint the person with the working and procedures of a bank. Whichever job you choose, be it IBPS PO or SBI PO is entirely for you to decide, after going through all the above-mentioned points. It is obviously stated in a lot of sites that the prospects and facilities offered by both these jobs are similar, with almost similar benefits and perks.

What you choose will not make a big difference to your career, if you work hard enough in whichever field you enter. If we compare both the jobs with respect to their organizations, we cannot provide any fixed judgment. Both the jobs, as discussed above, expect you to do the same kind of tasks and hold similar responsibilities, whether it is IBPS PO or SBI PO so there is not much to decide here, except few points.


Less Pressurized More Pressure because of Brand Size
Low Work Targets Larger work targets
Less Work  More Hectic Work
Smaller Business to Handle Larger Business to Handle



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