NABARD Assistant Manager Exam Syllabus (Mains)

The Syllabus for NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager Examination is a vast syllabus compared to the other examinations held in the Country. If you click on the link below you can gain access to the Prelims syllabus for the same post.


  • Economics
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Elementary Statistics for Economics



  • Ecology and its relevance to man, natural resources
  • Cropping patterns in different agro-climatic zones of the country
  • Important features and scope of various types of forestry plantations
  • Weeds, their characteristics, dissemination, and association with various crops
  • Soil conservation
  • Farm management
  • Agricultural extension, its importance, and role
  • Cell structure, function and cell cycle
  • History of plant breeding
  • Seed production and processing technologies
  • Principles of Plant Physiology with reference to plant nutrition
  • Enzymes and plant pigments
  • Major fruits, plantation crops, vegetables, spices, and flower crops
  • Diagnosis of pests and diseases of field crops
  • Food production and consumption trends in India


Agriculture Engineering

  • Engineering in agriculture and rural life

  • Agricultural Mechanization

  • Agricultural produce management



  • Fruit & Plantation Crops

  • Fruit and Vegetable Technology

  • Vegetables

  • Floriculture and Landscape Gardening


Food Processing

  • General

  • Energy Value of Foods, Energy Requirement

  • Infestation Control and Pesticides

  • General Principles of Food Preservation

  • Unit Operations

  • The technology of Animal Products

  • Dairy Technology

  • The technology of Food Grains and Legumes

  • Flavors

  • Packaging Technology



  • Fishery, Biology of Finfish, Shellfish including Molluscs

  • Capture FisheriesFishery Management

  • Aquaculture

  • Farm Engineering

  • Fishery Planning, Finance, and Management

  • Post-Harvest Technology in Fishery

  • Fundamentals of Extension, Education & Rural Development


Social Work

  • The concept of Professional Social Work

  • Evolution of Social Work

  • Development of Social Work Education in India

  • Democracy as a Concept

  • Social Action as a method of Social Work

  • Contemporary Ideologies

  • Working with Groups

  • Social Welfare Administration

  • Social Justice and Welfare Organization

  • Understanding Community

  • Strategies / Tools in Community Organization

  • Social Work Research

  • Indian Society

  • Social Policy

  • Problems of Social Structure

  • Social Problems And Fields Of Social Work In India


Animal Husbandry

  • Forage Production

  • Animal Genetics and Breeding

  • Physiology of Reproduction and Lactation

  • Animal Nutrition

  • Animal Health

  • Dairy Management and Economics

  • Other Species of Livestock (Sheep, Goat, Pig, and Rabbit)

  • Meat and Meat Products


Water Resource Development and Management

  • Water Requirement of Crops

  • Canal Irrigation System

  • Hydrology

  • Ground Water, Hydrology and Construction of Wells and Tubewells

  • Diversion Head Works

  • Canal Falls, Canal Regulators

  • Cross Drainage Works

  • Dams and Reservoirs

  • Spillage, Gates and Energy Dissipators

  • River Control

Environmental Engineering

  • Ecology and its scope, bio-echers

  • Ecosystems of the world

  • Types of forests in India and their coverage statistics

  • Definition and Sources of Pollution



  • Forestry

  • Forest environments and environmental factors

  • Regeneration of Forest

  • Environment factor influencing forest vegetation and productivity

  • Silviculture

  • Silviculture Systems

  • Principal groups of plants

  • Importance of energy plantation

  • Seed orchards, maintenance, and selection of orchards

  • Microflora in forestry system

  • Definition of social and agro-forestry

  • Wood structure, cellular composition

  • Importance of wood and minor forest products

  • Conversion, extraction, and transportation of timbers and firewood

  • Importance of forest pathology

  • Importance of forest

  • Economics of forest management

  • Forest trees of industrial utility

  • Defects and abnormalities of wood

  • Natural durability of timber, bamboo and thatch grasses



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