Preparation Strategy of CA Final Elective Papers

Preparation Strategy of CA Final Elective Papers

The new CA Final Scheme of Exam is sought to be best as well as meeting the industrial needs and expectations. The welcome change is in paper 6 "ELECTIVE PAPER" which is the most hall mark of ever.Here the students are expected to choose one of the available six options. This is a open book case study based paper. The choice of selection is to be made by a sound decision from students end. Students once chosen have to stick to it and specialize further in it. Students should select purely on their interest , passion as well as where they indeed to build careers after CA. Students cannot merely judge the papers by way of scoring level and volume of content. It is a subjective fact that the paper selected should be where they build their future career and have command over it.
Papers Under Electives



The step taken by ICAI of having an elective paper underlines the important aspect of today’s requirement by chartered accountant and keeping in mind how business is going to operate in future in India. Students should note that shifting from one elective to another would not be advisable henceforth stick to what has been selected Above all a very good sound measure taken by ICAI considering that the modern era has moved from generalization to specialization.

As discussed earlier Elective Paper consist of 6 optional Papers and it has different faculties for all the individual subjects.For the refrence Click on the link below for more relevant Information.


Online Resources to Prepare CA Final Elective Papers

Below are the links given for the preparation Strategy of different subjects of an Elective Paper:

Paper 1:Risk Management - Click Here

Paper 2:Financial Services & Capital Markets - Click Here

Paper 3:International Taxation - Click Here

Paper 4: Economic Laws - Click Here

Paper 5: Global Financial Reporting Standards-Click Here

Paper 6: Multidisciplinary Case Study - Click Here

Important Points to note :

  • Always write and practice.
  • Learn Point Heading and write.
  • Try for Mock Exams by ICAI and different faculties.
  • Use Mnemonics Technique to Memorise Headings
  • Make sure to make notes & mark all your doubts while watching the lectures.

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  • Abhay Dhaval

    The high Scoring subject in CA Final elective paper is Financial Services and Capital Market if you want to make your career in investment banking you can also choose this elective paper and best faculty for this subject is Aaditya Jain Sir.


    “Financial Services & Capital Market” is best elective paper as per my opinion because some part of the it is covered in SFM paper which makes it easy to understand and cover it in less time. Moreover, it is high scoring subject as well, there are less or no chances of amendments, and it can be covered in very less time in around 20–25 lectures.
    Best Teacher for this subject is undoubtedly “Aaditya Jain Sir” .

  • Ravi sharma

    You have to choose the paper according to your strengths. My interest was in SFM so I went with FSCM. And Eeryone knows Aaditya jain sir is the best teacher for FSCM.
    I went with him and, now I know a much more things about SFM than my friends.

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