Are IITs overhyped?

Why are Trends so famous?

Because we made it

In the same way, IITs are famous because People made them famous. But I think your question fits more to top tier engineering colleges. 

The highly selective nature of the selection exams ensured that the best of the best entered these premium institutes. But, commercialization followed and coaching institutes started flourishing because securing a seat in engineering was difficult and they provided mentors to crack JEE.


Everything that does well in a market owes its share to its marketing. IITs are also marketed indirectly. Just stroll through the roads of your city and you will find numerous JEE coaching institutes. These institutes have marketed IIT so much that IIT is now synonymous with engineering. 

Students, as early as 6th standard, now see the pamphlets in newspapers and over the years they become obsessed with the word IIT-JEE. Sadly, the present scenario is no longer finding your interests in life and then choosing a course but preparing for IIT. If you ask 11th and 12th standard students why you want to do engineering, they are clueless. It just reflects how these coaching institutes are successful in brainwashing students who are not even interested in engineering.

Multinational Corporation Placements

Every year we see the best of placements come from IITs. I am not saying that IITians don't deserve it but other college students who are doing engineering also deserve it. But a majority of companies hire only from top-notch IITs and NITs. These placements add to the further marketing of these institutes.

So, just to enjoy the success of JEE and that big salary, people flock to IITs and since the society looks up to successful and rich people, we rate them high, very high in society.


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