IIIT-H over IITs?

International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad has been in long competing with the IITs collectively for a long time now and it is not uncommon that students might wanna compare the two over which course they wish to pursue from. However according to recent searches the IIIT-H has started taking students pursuing from the IT students by charging IT Companies to hire IT students from their campus.Here we wiill try to provide a basic framework as to which one should a student go for:
  • If you want to pursue pure Computer Science as a passion, then IIIT is the one for you. But if you feel like you might wanna divert from the subject because you lose interest into it, then it is much more advisable to go for IITs.
  • IIIT deals with more of a Immersive coding environment. IITs on the other hand go for more of a college environment.
  • Students might learn about machine learning and advanced algorithms during their 3rd or 4th year in IITs. But in IIIT-H, you might have an opportunity to learn about them in 2nd year itself. This directly translates into better internship and research opportunities at early stages.
  • When you try to compare the two on the basis of number of departments, it is obvious that IITs have more of departments because what if your interest for Computer Science falls in between and you want to do something else and this is fairly complemented by the IITs
  • Finally, When it comes to the Job Offers and Internship Opportunities, IIIT-H is far more superior in this case  over the newer IITs. But it is nowhere close to the older IITs like IIT-Delhi,IIT-Bombay, etc.

So to sum up, the IITs and IIIT-H are very much different as to what they try to offer in their campus. But it basically shows that comparing them only implies IIIT-H is competing the IITs single handedly.



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