Which one is Ideal - IIT, MIT or Harvard?

Engineering as a profession depends on how you gain success and once you do the results can be very satisfying. It is the dream of every engineering student to get the best education in their respective field, And the quality of education is by the institute one chooses. In India, IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) are considered the best while at the world scale, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) followed by Harvard’s John A. Paulson School Of Engineering And Applied Sciences are the ones to stand above the rest.But it has always been a question as to which ones are considered ideal for the student and here we will cover the differences between the Indian IITs and Global Institutes differ in perspectives. It should be there that the students might get an acknowledgement as to which one it deems to desire where each institute has got its own perks and disadvantages.:

  1. IITs accept students only on the basis of the Entrance Exams scores, which are mainly the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Students who clear JEE Mains  qualify for the JEE Advanced. MITs and Harvard do not ask for Entrance Scores. Instead they ask for SAT scores, TOEFL scores and also look at extra curricular activities.
  2. MITs and Harvard basically allows the students to study on their basis of interest or the field in which they are interested on. IITs do not grant that privilege to the students pursuing it.
  3. The cost of pursuing Engineering in MITs or Harvard is comparatively higher than that of the IITs due to versatility of facilities available in the institute. Due to availability of more development provisions in the global Institutes, the cost of maintaining and providing them is equally high, like a negative return on the facilities available to the students studying there.
  4. Studying in an MIT or an Harvard provides a life based development which is very favourable and even necessary in some cases. IITs on the other hand prepares the students to be Job ready which helps encourage Job Efficiency.

Overall, one should always think twice as to what one might want to pursue engineering from. Let it not be a burden on you or on your family members because in the end you want to make your and your family better.



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