IITs or IIMs

Both IITs and IIms are the top institutes of the country on the basis of the field of work they are in. One takes care of Engineering, the other, for Management. But which one comes to more Limelight?

The comparison of the brand depends upon the definition of the target audience.

  • If the audience is defined as common people including parents, relatives, random people you meet in trains, etc. , then obviously “IIT” is a way bigger brand. IIT is a household brand, everyone knows it. Even the media talks about JEE preparations, Kota hardships and all. Also, the amount of hard work and luck required to crack IITJEE is a thousand times more than that required for CAT.
  • Now coming to the IIMs, it’s a bigger brand for the companies that come for recruitment. The kind of salaries, jobs, and internships an average guy gets at an IIM is way superior to what an average IITian gets. Hence, one can’s financial prospects are much better after exiting an IIM.


If we compare the two on the basis of Career:

IITs  Basis of Difference IIMs
IIT JEE Entrance Exam CAT
Higher Toughness Lower
Science Base Commercial
More Flexible to allow other opportunities. Structure Schematic and more focused


IITs give you an opportunity to explore yourself, build your self-confidence and study among some of the best minds in the country. The academic knowledge that an average guy gains at IITs are of little use. But the experience of being at an IIT is unparalleled.



IIMs, on the other hand, is more about relevant knowledge gain that is actually useful. A significant amount of learning takes place in classrooms and through projects which can be utilized in the future. Although, there is little scope to try out different things or to discover yourself completely as in the case with IITs.





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