Is Problems in General Physics by IE Iredov one of the toughest in JEE Preparations?

Problems in General Physics by I.E Iredov


"The Puzzles Books for Physics Lovers"; which is used to describe this book is considered to be one of the toughest in gossip for Physics among the Engineering Students. With its infamous presence in its name among the aspirants, the book with its set of problems has its own infamous yet recommended image. Not just the ‘Problems in General Physics’ but the other textbooks by IE Irodov undoubtedly are the top-notch works. 


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But is it really tough to be sure of?

Maybe the following points can help you out into understanding the argument:

It needs a clear basic level understanding of the concepts and deals with calculus.

Imagine the situation in real… note the concepts involved, identify the link between them and if no link is found, try to search for a link indirectly(yeah, the out of box stuff!) and if you manage to do all these steps right all that is left is solving a calculus problem.


No Proper Solution which needs to be followed to arrive at a conclusion

Every question demands you to literally ‘derive’ a mathematical equation. Which is something only physics & math lovers love to do? This makes it difficult for the rest of the world. Cause one needs to conjure and breakdown the situation. Then collect facts and link them up for every question in it. If you love to do it, you are a natural investigator and a physics lover like me. Nope? Then the book is certainly not for you. Don’t force yourself onto it.


Intended to make the student comfortable to help them learn physics. Not to test your ability in applying them to real situations. 

Yes, Irodov was meant for undergrads and above. It was meant to test one’s understanding of concepts at a higher level and serves like a Physics puzzle book, challenging you with a unique plot in every question, unlike the questions that appear in competitive examinations which are meant to test how fast one can solve a question. Irodov questions need you to sit down and imagine the situation in the question and then represent the situation mathematically.


One also needs the ability to conjure the situation. 

For undergrads and above, why is Irodov difficult? You are dealing with a question that has situations so close to the real day. You are certainly expected to be able to solve those questions. Yet, you find them difficult? It’s probably because you missed a conceptual understanding of basic things or got too used to the standard formulas. In the real world, there are no perfect spheres/ideal conductors. You should stop using those formulas and go right from the basics. Take time in perfecting the art of free diagrams, calculus, graphical methods, and out of box ideas like joining two free bodies, symmetry, analogy, using mirror techniques and such.


Problems in General Physics is a great collection of physics problems (It doesn’t matter which edition you buy). The problems require quite advanced understanding and I would not recommend that you attempt them unless you are already comfortable solving Problems asked in previous year’s Engineering Competitive papers. In short, you should try it if you decided to take a year off to reattempt the paper and are already comfortable with the study material.



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