Are the JEE Main and JEE Advanced Syllabus different?

Most people hold the notion that the same syllabus is usually covered in both the exams with only the level of intellectualism in each subject increasing at every step. Is it so ?


Although the Advanced exams are held later than the Main, the syllabus for the former is slacked and trimmed for the benefit of the students to get accustomed to the extra new chapters provided.. Hence, giving the candidates a certain breathing space. However, the shortened syllabus has provided the pattern of the exam to be more focused and to the chapters present in the Advanced syllabus.

To Know More about the syllabus, click on the link below:

JEE Main Syllabus

JEE Advanced Syllabus


Below we can see that certain chapters included in the JEE Main syllabus are excluded in the JEE  Advanced Syllabus:



Exclusions from Syllabus:

States of Matter & Solutions:

o   Liquid state

o   Electric, magnetic and dielectric properties of solids

o   Henry’s law

o   Osmotic pressure


Chemical Bonding:

o   Kossel-lewis approach

o   Molecular orbital theory


Atomic Structure:

o   Discovery of sub-atomic particles and earlier atomic models



o   Physical equilibrium


Chemical Kinetics:

o   Collision theory


Inorganic Chemistry:

o   Adsorption isotherms


Inorganic Chemistry:

o   H chapter

o   F Block elements



o   Proteins,

o   Vitamins

o   Nucleic acids


Practical Chemistry:

o   Qualitative analysis of gp 1-4 included, Everything else excluded


The Exclusions also include:

  • H chapter
  • F Block elements,
  • Chemistry in everyday life
  • Environmental chemistry.


Topics included in Advanced:

Normality and equivalent weight



Excluded in Advanced:

  •   Magnetism and Matter,
  •   Semiconductors and Communication systems,
  •   Bulk modulus and modulus of rigidity,
  •   Diffraction
  •   Polarisation


Included in Advanced:

Bohr’s Model



Excluded in Advanced:

  •  Sets,
  •  Statistics,
  •  Mathematical Induction,
  •  Mathematical reasoning.


Included in advanced:

Harmonic Progressions.


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