JEE Online V/S Offline Exam Preparation

The competition for coaching centers for JEE exams is getting tougher, and as big as the rush to get into the esteemed IIT institutions itself. The fact that quality of teaching is THE most important factor when analyzing this is a great parameter to assess against but not the only one. A lot of aspects not just about the way of learning need to be measured, but also about the way a student learns best, his or her ability to grasp things, understand, and apply. Every student has a different bandwidth when studying by themselves or within a group, and under both circumstances, they can either flourish or get distracted. Knowing these things about one’s self, the driving factor, and the motivation to study on one’s own go a long way in determining one’s success through being coached.

Online classes refer to signing up for preparation classes through an online teaching portal, for which you need access to the internet and a device like a computer/laptop/tablet. In an offline setup, you go to a neighborhood coaching class that claims to provide JEE preparation techniques in person.

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Comparison between online coaching and offline coaching


Online Coaching

Offline Coaching

Time Management

Online coaching definitely has an advantage in terms of time. Students save up the time that they previously used to commute from their home to the coaching class and use it for extra study sessions.

Since students had to travel to reach their coaching classes, they wasted much time which could have been used for other things.


Students can gain flexibility in their online coaching since they can study as per their schedule.

Offline coaching has a strict timetable which has to be followed by the students. There is not much flexibility.


Students are not able to interact with their teachers and fellow students during online coaching. But The online providers are all working on the best technology which makes every session as interactive as possible.

Whether it's a live session or a recorded session, a student is made to feel important through the way the delivery of the session is designed. Regular engagement through the problem-solving, application of theories, and short quizzes makes these sessions fun and easy to learn.

Interaction is present. Students can ask questions to their teacher freely and also discuss with their friends as soon as they have a doubt.

Study Material

Online coaching provides students with updated materials that have to be studied to prepare well for the examination.

Study materials are provided by offline coaching centers. However, along with regular study materials, the teachers also give out additional notes to help in the preparation.


Students will have to depend upon themselves and plan out their self-study plan. While the coaching institutes will help the students, it completely depends upon themselves to stick to a self-study plan

Coaching institutes will allow the student to study well since they will be surrounded by that environment. Teachers will also be present to ensure that the students are keeping up with the classwork.


Online coaching may make the students a bit less motivated to keep up with their prepared study schedule. Students will have to motivate themselves.

Offline coaching will not let the students lose their motivation since they will be physically present in the class and will have to follow a tight schedule.


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JEE Online v/s Offline Exam Preparation

Here are a few factors to consider when contemplating preparation for JEE exams via online or offline mode:

  • Teaching methodology

The online space is filled with new-age tutors who make learning fun and applicable. Using the age-old techniques, they tend to get creative, and inventive with their teaching, giving the normal traditional and boring guidance for preparing for JEE a fresh breath of air. More relevant examples and direct application of theory to practice always helps a student understand the subject better, thereby learning the process rather than mugging it up.

  • Faculty experience

The experience of the faculties is varied in an online setup. A large number of established faculties with over decades of experience, across the country, are now available on one single platform. So your learning is not restricted to just your neighborhood brains but you can benefit from world-class faculty across.

  • Affordability

Given the low cost of operations, the online coaching for JEE is assuredly more affordable and flexible where you can start and stop your classes at your convenience. This allows students from every walk of life to be able to attain their dream of sitting through the JEE exam in hopes of getting into the esteemed IITs.

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  • Convenience

All online coaching happens from the convenience of your home. You don't have to compromise on anything, mostly not your health, nor being away from your family. This is a very important aspect as for any student whose sole focus is to get through the JEE exams, needs the right balance of health and support provided at home. You also have the comfort and convenience of taking up the sessions/classes as per your timings when you think it is the best time to learn. Taking a break and getting back to being taught has never been better.

  • Availability of resources

The online class module almost always provides study resources and materials beyond the regular format. Not just the previous exam papers, but even regular, customized exams to keep the student abreast with all the learning he or she has been doing, is provided. This keeps the momentum going for every student as they don’t have to look beyond one portal, and can avail all extra resources with just one click of a button.

  • Get the best of everyone under your roof 

Having a credible and sound support system of coaches and enablers is of great importance when studying for the most important exam of your life. The way an experienced individual/faculty can help you goes beyond just the textbooks and in an online format, the tutor’s experience, learning, and energy can add more value to your studying than doing it by yourself or going to just one nearby class.

Few Tips:

While there are pros and cons to everything, studying for JEE exams does not have to mean compromising on anything. If you are clear about what method of studying suits you best, you should take the plunge and take it up. Then again, while direct human attention might be tempting or rather easier to take up, the offline coaching setup has its own disadvantages as well, which gets overlooked as the technology involved in online classes becomes a greater barrier for some students. Here’s a quick preview of what might not work for you in offline coaching set up:

Study as per schedule only – In the classes you go for, there are a set time table that needs to be followed and specific time slots allotted. Whether or not it is the best time for you to study and learn, cannot be changed as the classes run on schedule with teachers being available only then. The flexibility and compliance that is required for learning are lost in such a scenario.

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Cannot revise or reload sessions not understood – If missed a session, or not understood well, it is difficult for you to go back to the teacher and ask for another session unless the entire class needs it. You would have to then put in an extra effort of finding things which explain a subject more, therefore making you spend more time on it. The guarantee to still having understood everything fully still doesn’t stand in this case.

No personal attention due to the batch size – In a typical offline coaching class, the batch size is almost always close to 100 students as the number of people wanting to undergo this coaching is immense. This guarantees no personal attention to a student and makes you like just another person who needs to be taught, not realizing that every student has his or her own learning techniques which would not necessarily be the same for the other 99 in the class.

Attention span diluted – A student’s attention span on an average is not more than 30 minutes. While the coaching classes go on for an entire day with very few breaks every three hours or so, the capability to absorb information keeps getting diluted. So while you might think you have covered a lot from the syllabus, you have actually not managed to understand and learn all of it, which is why you would need to get back to the subject many times over.

Marked answers can't be changed – When completing the previous examination papers handed over to you during classes, the marked answers can't be changed. Although this might sound insignificant, getting a copy of another examination paper, and doing it all over again is a tiring and exhausting task.

The above has been put together to give you an aspect of what really works for a student intending to do the best while preparing for JEE Mains & Advanced. It is the most crucial examination as it sets you on a career path right from the beginning. Opting for an online coaching class setup which gives you flexibility and freedom, because that is where this mode of teaching is born from, teamed with extensive self-studying is hands down your best option. 

Since JEE Exams are now conducted in Online Mode, opting for online classes will help you to be confident for JEE Exams as you will be in the practice of solving online.


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