Preparation Tips to Crack IIT JEE Mains and Advanced

During IIT JEE preparation for both Mains and Advanced, most of the students complain of being overloaded with information or not being able to remember/recollect the key concepts and formulas while solving problems. Why does this happen? How to overcome such situations? Have you ever wondered why some students spend less time studying and miraculously score high marks in IIT JEE?

Listed below are a few scientifically tested and successful study and revision techniques for JEE preparation that will help the students to boost their preparations in an efficient manner thereby helping the students in giving the desired results.

Simple Study Techniques for IIT JEE Mains & Advanced Preparation:

Simple Study Techniques for IIT JEE Preparation

  • Before starting any topic, quickly go through the JEE Syllabus. Glance through the main headings and subheadings of all the subtopics mentioned in that chapter. This will prepare your brain mentally to organize all the information and also it will give you an idea of what all concepts you will be preparing. Organizing information will help you to retrieve it easily when required.

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  • Break up your study session into chunks of twenty minutes with a five-minute break in between each one. But don’t go getting too comfy – we know it’s easy for a 5-minute break to turn into an hour of channel surfing. Stay focused; your exam grade will thank you.
  •  Know when to work and when to play. Set realistic, challenging, and specific study goals. Keep track of your progress on them. Once you’ve met them, reward yourself with some downtime.
  • Use analogies to remember certain information. Analogies help connect certain areas of your brain to others and are effective in retaining information because they connect new information to already existing information.
  • Make a list of important topics from where the questions are frequently asked in IIT JEE. Mark the topics as per their level of difficulty and note down the areas that require special attention. Allocate extra time to these difficult topics and practice chapter wise questions for these topics regularly.
  • Grill yourself into the basics until all your fundamentals are very clear as JEE Main is specifically designed to test how well students have grasped the topics and how they apply them to a given set of problems.
  • Beware of using too many reference books. We have prepared a list of important IIT JEE preparation books that you can use for reference. Use the ones that cover the maximum syllabus and suit your learning style.

Book to refer for JEE Mains and Advanced - Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics

Revision Tips for JEE Mains & Advanced Exams:

  • Make notes and revise them regularly. You can also prepare a handbook or short notes that you can revise before the exam.
  • Don’t spend too much time making your notes pretty. For diagrams, include all the details you need to learn but don’t try to produce a work of art.
  • Your revision time should only be used to revise units that you have already learned. Don’t focus on learning any new concept at this time because learning anything new may also weaken your confidence at this stage.
  • Teaching someone requires you to learn and organize your knowledge in a clear and structured manner. You can teach any concept to your friend, classmate in school, and take part in peer to peer learning activity. And it’s not just one way, you can also gain useful tips from others.

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  • After studying certain concepts, it is better to practice questions from past years’ question papers. It could help you in analyzing your preparation level for the JEE exams. Solving previous years’ question papers gives you confidence and enhances your exam temperament.
  • Use Mnemonics to remember difficult words, phrases, and statements. Memory Needs Every Method Of Nurturing Its Capacity” is a mnemonic for spelling ‘mnemonic.’
  • During revision, you may find some new doubts or questions. Clear them asap.

Revision Tips for JEE Exams

Some Additional Preparation Tips:

  • Take as many mocks as possible! And Keep in mind to take them exactly between 9 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 5 pm in the final days. Try to imitate the testing environment. Utilize the 2-hour break the way you plan to on the test day.

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  • Relying on others for your doubts is not always a good option as it reduces your self-confidence and aptitude to attempt any question. Before seeking others' help, you must attempt the question on your own and try to understand the concept on your own.
  • Time management is an important factor in JEE Main. So, while solving model JEE question papers, keep an eye on your watch too.
  • Quiz yourself. Ask yourself questions about the topic when you finish it.
  • Solve practice tests to evaluate your preparation. Analyze your mistakes in the test and do a complete revision before the next test.

Two must-do things for better revision in IIT JEE preparation:

Eat well and have proper sleep:

Research has found that skipping breakfast reduces student's attention and ability to recall information. So eat your meals on time. It will help you in concentrating more on your studies, revision, and exam preparation. A good sleep relaxes your mind, improves your ability to remember things. You’ll focus well and always feel energetic.

Put your phone aside, avoid music while studying:

Excessive usage of mobile phones is a big distraction for students in JEE/NEET preparation. It’s like an addiction that needs to be taken care of, it’s not just notifications or updates, even a sight of a phone reduces your ability to focus. Keep your phone out of sight i.e. out of mind. Listen to music only when not studying. Students who study in a quiet and peaceful environment can recall more than those who study while listening to music.

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