Is Tata McGraw Hill good Enough to actually refer to in JEE Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics?


Where does Tata McGraw Hill stand in the pyramid of the best books to refer for Preparations? The answer however anonymous will have a mixed opinion upon many students who use the publications' books for reference in preparation for JEE and other competitive examinations.

Tata McGraw Hill is one of the best publication houses of our times. They have transitioned from being a simple book publishing company to Tata McGraw Hill Education. Print books, e-books, or smart learning solutions, they offer the complete education solution


For Physics:

Complete Physics for JEE Main 2020 by Tata McGraw Hill (2019)


The Complete Physics Solution for JEE Main and Advanced by Tata McGraw Hill is a fine book. It is good for the ones who are thorough with their concepts in Physics and need a good book to practice problems. The book comprises thorough question banks. However, most questions are unsolved. So, as I said, it is fine for those who are at their last stage of practice.

On the other hand, for the ones who are just setting base and catching the pace, they must go with NCERT volume I and II, to begin with. They can strengthen their Physics concepts and problem-solving from the beloved HC Verma. These books will allow them to settle down with the essentials first, which Tata McGraw Hill Fails to do. Students can even choose DC Pandey or Arihant’s New Pattern JEE Problems to move on to the next step.


For Mathematics:

Complete Mathematics for JEE Main 2020 by Tata McGraw Hill (2019)

TMH is a good book for preparation , with good number and kind of problems . Its good for theory too. It has a very good question bank. You must solve packages from various coaching institutes first as they handpick problems for improving concepts so first solve those packages and if you go to coaching do the assignments given by teachers.

If you are self studying or want to stay ahead in class and not afraid of diving deep in mathematics and ready to solve a huge number of problems (lots of ands!!) , Trust me if you try and complete the below mentioned books you are bound to succeed .


For Chemistry:

Complete Chemistry for JEE Main 2020 by Tata McGraw Hill (2019)

Chemistry is the most scoring section of all 3 in the JEE Mains and Advanced paper. Chemistry is the subject which requires your least effort and time, and gives you the best result.

This more than sufficient for Inorganic Chemistry for both JEE Mains and Advance. Physical and Organic Chemistry from TMH can also be safely assumed to be sufficient for JEE Mains but not for JEE Advance. You would need to refer to more books when it come to JEE Advance.


All in all, Tata McGraw Hill offers a systematic approach to prepare but is not for the naïve starters. It requires some previous hold on the concepts to move forward. So, keep it for the later stages, if at all you get the time. The point of this whole thing falls upon the fact that most students find this publisher more or less relevant in comparison to the other Publishers like Cengage or Arihant. 

You can purchase the books by clicking the link below:

Tata McGraw Hill Series in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics


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