The Paper - 1 Syllabus for JEE Mains

The NTA  has released the official JEE Main 2020 syllabus on September 2 with the newly added Planning section in Paper 2 of JEE Main. Candidates can access the syllabus of JEE Main 2020 in a pdf format from the link below to know important topics with subject wise important concepts and through the syllabus. With the help of the syllabus, students appearing for JEE Main can plan their studies and focus on topics that will require more time. Along with the syllabus of JEE Main, students can also check out previous year question papers to get an idea about the difficulty level of exam, the nature of questions asked, and a lot more. The complete article will help you to get detailed information about JEE Main syllabus 2020.

For PCM Mains Syllabus PDF: Syllabus

For Paper-1


Modern Physics:

  1.   Atomic Structure in Modern Physics
  2.   Experimental Physics
  3.   Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity
  4.   Photo-Electric Effect and Electromagnetic Waves
  5.   Semiconductors and Communication System


  1.   Mathematics in Physics
  2.   Motion in One Dimension
  3.   Motion in Two Dimension and Projectile Motion
  4.   Newton’s Laws of Motion
  5.   Units and Dimensions
  6.   Work, Power, and Energy

Mechanics 2:

  1.  Center of Mass and Momentum Conservation
  2.  Circular Motion
  3.  Gravitation
  4.  Properties of Matter and Fluid Mechanics
  5.  Rotation
  6.  Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)


  1.  Electric charges and Fields
  2.  Electric Current
  3.  Electric potential and Capacitance
  4.  Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
  5.  Electrostatics
  6.  Classical magnetism and Magnetic Properties of Matter
  7.  Magnetism

Heat and Thermodynamics:

  1.  Heat Transfer
  2.  Laws of Thermodynamics
  3.  Thermal properties of matter, Calorimetry and Kinetic Theory of Gases


  1.  Ray Optics
  2.  Wave Optics

Mechanical Waves:

  1.  Waves



Organic Chemistry:

  1.   Alcohol and Ether
  2.   Chemistry in action
  3.   Biomolecules and Polymers
  4.   Carbonyl Compounds
  5.   Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives
  6.   Classification and Nomenclature
  7.   General Organic Chemistry
  8.   Haloalkanes
  9.   Haloarenes and Phenols
  10.   Hydrocarbons: Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes
  11.   Isomerism
  12.   Nitrogen Compound and Aliphatic Amines
  13.   Practical and Environmental Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry:

  1.   Chemical Bonding
  2.   Coordination Compounds
  3.   D-Block and F-Block Elements
  4.   Metallurgy
  5.   P-Block Elements
  6.   Periodic Properties
  7.   Qualitative Analysis
  8.   S-Block Elements, Hydrogen, and its Compounds

Physical Chemistry:

  1.   Chemical Equilibrium
  2.   Atomic Structure
  3.   Chemical Kinetics
  4.   Electrochemistry
  5.   Gaseous State
  6.   Ionic Equilibrium
  7.   Mole Concept
  8.   Nuclear Chemistry
  9.   Redox and Volumetric Analysis
  10.   Solid State
  11.   Solution (General and Colligative Properties)
  12.   Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry



Integral Calculus:

1.  Area Under Curves

  1.   Definite Integration
  2.   Differential Equation
  3.   Indefinite Integration


  1.  Binomial Theorem
  2.  Complex Numbers
  3.  Mathematical Induction
  4.  Matrices and Determinants
  5.  Permutation and Combination
  6.  Progressions
  7.  Set Theory and Relations
  8.  Probability

  9. Theory of Equation

Coordinate Geometry:

  1.  Circle
  2.  Ellipse
  3.  Hyperbola
  4.  Parabola
  5.  Point and Straight Line
  6.  Vector

Differential Calculus:

  1.  Continuity and Differentiability
  2.  Differential Coefficient
  3.  Differentiation and Application of Derivatives
  4.  Functions
  5.  Limits


  1.   Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  2.  Trigonometrical Equations and Inequations
  3.  Trigonometrical Ratios, Functions, and Identities

Statistics and Mathematical Reasoning:

  1.  Mathematical Reasoning


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Paper - 2 Syllabus


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