Is the Seating Proceedure Justified?

Joint Seat allocation has fairly been in criticism and has been present to tip the scales to any direction depending on the number of people preferring this way. It has been noticed that a lot of seats in the latest years have been left vacant due to this process.

Earlier, the Seating Allocation, If you have got a seat in an NIT in the first round, the results for which were announced on July 7, you are supposed to pay Rs 45,000, which is Rs 20,000 for SC/ST/PH, and visit a reporting centre for document verification to confirm that seat. If you do not confirm that seat, then you are out of the counselling process. You will not be considered in a future round, even for your higher preferences. This is how it normally has been in the past.

Here is the catch, the IIIT offers come in before the NIT and therefore because the seats are already occupied for both Institutes, one will go vacant depending on the one he wants to do.

There is another serious problem in the business rules of the joint counselling. If you accept any seat in the joint counselling, including a seat in an NIT or a GFTI, you will not be eligible for JEE Advanced, which began in 2016. Till now, the rule has been that if you accept an IIT seat, you are not eligible for JEE Advanced next year. But if you accept an NIT or an IIIT seat, then you remain eligible for the JEE Advanced next year. But that has been changed this year.

With the joint counselling this year, the gap between the “best institute” and the “worst institute” has increased so tremendously this year that not allowing the student of that “worst” institute to improve next year is downright ridiculous and appears to be in violation of the Fundamental Right to Education. And doing so without pointing it out clearly to all stake holders and hiding it as one of the 60 business rules on the last page, is sinister


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