Which is more preferable - HC Verma or DC Pandey?

Most Schools which actually prescribe books to teach in their schools is much more dependent on the fact of preference on the type of book that is recommended or is easy to teach in the periods of classes and could complete the topics within the given time constraint. Thus come the two most important authors in the country - HC Verma and DC Pandey.

They are two of the most preferred authors prescribed in the syllabus of the science stream in Physics. However, many schools actually do not refer to those books in their syllabus which makes these as dependable reference books for Engineering Competitive Examinations.

However, if you look into a better point of view of the two books, you woud notice that a lot of students would find a debatable argument as to which one would actually benefit your board as well as your preparation for Engineering Competitive Examinations like the JEE.


Concept of Physics by HC Verma (1 & 2)

Concept of Physics - Part 1 & 2 (2019 - 2020 Session) by H.C Verma

These two volumes introduces topics step-by-step. So, one should start reading the book right from the first chapter. If you jump a chapter and read the book in a random manner, you will miss the essence of its organization.The entire chapter should be well read and each and every concept should be well understood before you start solving its problems. It is important to lay the right foundation first and for it, you should read it at your own pace. Example problems included in the book are there to help you understand a concept better. 

Questions in each chapter are organized methodically too. So, you should start solving questions section by section and from first to last question within a section. Hence, you should start solving from first question in Section 1, finish with that section, and then, solve first question in the second section and so on…


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Understanding Physics Series by DC Pandey 

Understanding Physics (All Topics) Combo By D.C Pandey


D C Pandey is a book which you can refer for problem solving but not for the clarification of concepts. In this book you can find a lot of problems. It covers almost all types of problems in each and every section. And I again emphasize that these books should only be used for the “Problems” but not the “Concepts” in physics.

This series of books can definitely help you to clear JEE Main. In this book the author has started with some basic concepts and then the solved examples with fair enough explanations. And then author moves to the level-I assignments with very basic conceptual problems. After completing Level-I you should move to Level-II in which author tries to give some essence of JEE Advanced. Level-III problems require some brain storming. They are kind of thought provoking and challenging problems. So, if you go level by level it will help you build up your confidence which according to me is very important in your preparation.


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