Would JEE Preparations benefit BITSAT as well?

JEE Main and BITSAT have an intersecting syllabus. BITSAT just has a few extra topics but they aren’t many and you can complete them a few weeks before the exam.


So How Does JEE Help BITSAT in Preparations and vice versa?

The preparation for both the exams remains pretty similar until the last few months as the syllabus is mostly the same. But there lies a good amount of difference in the type of paper that comes for both the exams. Thus, you would need to practice mock tests of both the exams thoroughly in order to perform well in them.

Till the month of December, you must try to finish the syllabus of JEE Main. Then from January onward, you can focus on mock tests and revision. This will keep you decently prepared for JEE Main January attempt and will help you be better prepared for April.

Once February approaches, you can do two BITSAT mock tests in February and do 4 to 5 JEE Main mock tests in it. In March again stick to doing two BITSAT mocks and do many more JEE Main mock tests.

Once JEE Main is over, you would have 20 solid days more or less, and then you should do a thorough revision and practice of mocks. Keep aiming for a 300+ score in BITSAT mocks and you will get a great score in the actual exam. Analyze the mocks and improve with each passing mock.

BITSAT is all about speed and accuracy. You can build it with sufficient practice. Remember to practice questions of logical reasoning and English and complete the BITSAT specific topics as well.

Lay special emphasis on the learning portions of chemistry as they can be asked in a bulk and are likely to be left out by students.

To See Overall?

The level of the majority of questions in BITSAT may be similar to that of JEE Main. But always remember, everything is relative here. Those majority of questions will be solved by many candidates. What differentiates them are the occasional tricky ones. Add to that English and Logical reasoning sections, which again become deciding factors.

JEE will cover the important topics asked in BITSAT, but remember that BITSAT has some topics extra, which are not covered in the JEE syllabus, mainly in inorganic chemistry I guess. And regarding the English and LR part, it is kind of doable and can be prepared by reading the newspaper only. You can practice LR if you want to. And the fact that there are 150 questions in 180 minutes, you have to be faster.
So never limit yourself for the preparation. Know the syllabus and try to learn it as deeply as possible. Enter the examination hall to solve as many questions as possible without thinking about how many marks you would require according to last year's data.


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