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CA Darshan Khare

CA Darshan Khare is one of the best teachers for Law and is popularly known as "Lawgician". He is one of the prominent faculty member in VSmart Academy. He teaches law for both CA Final and Inter Level.He has been the choice of thousands of CA Aspirants when it comes to Law. His interactive teaching skills make him very popular among his students. CA Darshan Khare is one of the most trusted Law teachers.


CA Final Law Important Notes (PDFs)


 Law Free Questioners - 1 Law Free Questioners - 2 Law Free Questioners- 3 (FEMA - Applicability & Definitions) Law Free Questioners- 4 (FCRA, 2010)
Law Free Questioner- 5 (Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 2996) Law Free Questioner- 6 (Definition of Director, ED, 196, 203) Law Free Questioner- 7 (Sec 164, 167, 149(1)-(3), 165) Law Free Questioner- 8 (Sec 153 to 160 & 162 & 166 & 168 to 172)
Law Free Questioner- 9 (Sec 151, 152) Law Free Questioner- 10 (Oppression & Mismanagement & NCLT chapters) Law Free Questioner - 11 (CAA & INspection) Law Free Questioner- 12 (Sec 161 AD, ALD, CVD & NCLT chapters)
Law Free Questioner- 13 (Sec 184, 185) Law Free Questioner- 14 (IBC, 2016)

Imp Video Lectures By The Faculty For CA Final

 CA Final Law regular class Introduction Video for May 2020 / Nov 2020 Lec. No. 1_Newly recorded CA Final Questionnaire Discussion for May 2020 & Nov 2020 Lec. No. 2_Newly recorded CA Final Questionnaire Discussion for May 2020 & Nov 2020 CA Final Law: Missing contents of Chapter SARFAESIA Act, 2002
CA Final_Lecture No. 25A - Foreign Company Clarification on MAY 20 BOOSTER AND SUPER 35 FAST TRACK FULL COURSE Lectures CA FINAL MAY 20 LAW HELP AND UPDATES CA Final LAW May 20 Help & Updates
How to Prepare For CA Final Law Last lecture of CA Final Law (Regular course in English Mode): Chapter PMLA CA Final Law Amendments for MAY 20 - PART 1 CA Final Law Amendments for MAY 20 - PART 2
CA Final Optional Subject 6D Amendments May-20


CA Final Corporate & Economic Law Full Course E Book Module

01 Directors Module

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02 Economic Law Click Here
03 Miscellaneous Module Click Here
04  Law Questioner Click Here
06  Law Booster Click Here
09  Law MCQs Click Here
10 Soul Book Click Here

CA Final Corporate & Economic Law Fast Track E Book Module

01 Economic Law Full Module  Click Here
02 Company Law Directors Module Click Here
03 Company Law Misc. Module Click Here
04 Law Booster Click Here
05 Law MCQs Click Here
06 Law Questioner Click Here
07 Soul Book Click Here
08 Economic Law Amendments May-20 Click Here


CA Final ICAI Corporate & Economic Law Modules


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