Chemical Kinetics

Chemical kinetics is the study of chemical processes and rates of reactions. This includes analysis of conditions that affect speed of a chemical reaction, understanding reaction mechanisms and transition states, and forming mathematical models to predict and describe a chemical reaction. You can check the videos below to know more about it:



L-1 L-2 L-3 L-4
L-5 L-6 L-7 L-8




Physics Wallah

Rate of Reaction Factors Affecting Rate  Rate Law  Rate Law Determination
Zero Order Reaction First Order Reaction Second, Third & nth Order Reaction Order of a Reaction Determination
Molecularity Arrhenius Equation Complex Reaction Parallel Reaction




Vedantu JEE

L-1 L-2  L-3 L-4
L-5 L-6 L-7 L-8
L-9 Q-1


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