Chemistry in Action

Chemistry is the study of matter. It discusses the composition, structure, properties, and change of matter on the level of molecules and atoms. The job of a chemist ranges from researching the structure and characteristics of a substance, to analyzing chemical reactions and applying them to produce desired substances. Click on the videos to know more:




Polyamides & Polyesters Polymers Preparation of Polymers   Polyalkenes 
Preparation of Synthetic Rubber Phenol Formaldehyde Polymers Rocket Propellants Rubber
Molecular Mass of Polymers Synthetic Rubber Metal Acetate  Types of Polymer Reactions
Additional Polymerisation Medicinal Chemistry Analgesics & Antipyretics Antacids & Antispasmodics
Examples of Polymers Dyes Antibiotics Copolymerisation
Antiseptic & Antiprotozoals Artificial Sweetening Condensation of Polymers Biodegradable Polymers
Condensation Polymerisation Chemicals in Food Colour and Structure of Polymers  Classification of Polymers
Classification based on Structures Classification Based on Molecular Forces Classification Based on Mode of Polymerisation Chemstry in Action
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