Important Videos for JEE Physics for JEE 2020

Class Name Of Topic URL
Modern Physics Atomic Structure in Modern Physics
  Experimental Physics
  Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity
  Photo-Electric Effect and Electromagnetic Waves
  Semiconductors and Communications System
Mechanics - 1 Mathematics in Physics
  Motion in One Dimension
  Motion in Two Dimension and Projectile Motion
  Newtons Laws of Motion
  Units and Dimensions
  Work, Power and Energy
Mechanics - 2 Center of Mass and Momentum Conservation
  Circular Motion
  Properties of Matter and Fluid Mechanics
  Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)
Electro-Magnetism Electric Charges and Fields
  Electric Current
  Electric Potential and Capacitance
  Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
  Magnetism & Classic Magnetism
Heat and Thermodynamics Heat Transfer and Thermal Properties
  Laws of Thermodynamics
  Kinetic Theory of Gases
Optics Ray Optics
  Wave Optics
Mechanical waves Waves
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