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SP Sir (Dr. Shobhit Patel) is a Champion of Biology. He has a teaching experience of more than 11 years. SP Sir is a Faculty of Kota-based Motion IIT JEE/NEET Institute. During his journey, SP sir videos have transformed several struggling aspirants into IITians.

Important Biology Videos - Neet Crash Course 2020

Human Health & Disease Lec- 1 Human Health & Disease Lec- 2 Evolution Lec- 1 Evolution Lec- 2
Human Reproduction Lec- 1 Human Reproduction Lec- 2 Neural Control Lec- 1 Neural Control Lec- 2
Chemical Control Lec- 1 Locomotion & Movement Lec- 1 Excretory Lec- 1 Excretory Lec- 2
Circulation Lec- 1 Circulation Lec- 2 Respiration Lec- 1 Respiration Lec- 2
Digestion & Absorption Lec- 1 Digestion & Absorption Lec- 2 Biotechnology Lec- 1 Biotechnology Lec- 2


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