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ACCA Knowledge Level (ERC) Online Training With CBE Practice and Mock Test By BPP Professional Education

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ACCA Knowledge Level (ERC) Online Training With CBE Practice and Mock Test By BPP Professional Education for the upcoming exam attempts. These lectures are beneficial for individuals seeking deep knowledge in the subject. 

      What is ECR
      • The Enhanced Classroom is ideal for Self-Study Students who want the benefit of online access to content learning activities and assessments whenever and wherever they want.
      Course Provider
      • BPP - ACCA Approved Learning Partner
      • 6 months from the date of activation
      What's In The Course 
      • Online recorded lectures 
      • Assessments and Mock tests
      • CBE software practice
      • Further practice questions (printable)
      • You will receive your login within 3-5 working days from BPP directly. Paperback delivery is only for India and is delivered in 7-10 days

      Recorded Lectures: The learning content is broken into syllabus topics. The recorded lectures, which can be viewed at any time, help you to understand and apply the syllabus content by explaining a concept showing you a worked example, or providing you with an opportunity to apply the concept yourself.
      Assessment activities: The online assessment activities - either the assessments for each step, or the Practice & Apply quizzes within a topic - will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in specific areas, demonstrate learning of the core syllabus
      knowledge, and provide you with lots of opportunities to practice and include real-life examples. You can attempt some of the assessments as many times as you wish and feedback is provided on each answer you provide.
      CBE software practice area (papers PM - AAA) This software is available so you can practice answering constructed response questions in a realistic CBE environment similar to that used in the ACCA exam. You can use this software whilst working through your BPP Practice and Revision kit and practice and application questions.
      Calendar You can use your calendar to enter key dates for your program, such as when your real exam is taking place. It can also be used to set milestone dates to help guide you through your studios. This can be exported to your own personal calendar so you can be sure you never miss a deadline.
      Updates & Announcements forum: In the MyForums area, you will soo an updates & Announcements tile - this provides information such as when the Hub will be unavailable, and for how long, due to scheduled maintenance. Wo recommend that you check this forum on a regular basis.

      Course Outline
      BPP's Enhanced Classroom (ECR) offers students the benefit of online access to these exams, ACCA syllabus matched content, learning activities, and assessments whenever and wherever they want.

      Course Topic
      The BPP enhance classroom course contains the entire syllabus of ACCA for exams till Aug 2021.

      • The course subscription validity period is for 6 months
      • Students will receive their course enrolment key directly from BPP within 4-5 working days of placing the order.
      You will receive a "trigger' email to activate your account from 'hubwelcome@BPP.com' (note you may find this in your email 'junk' folder). All subsequent courses will be accessed via the same online account, so we recommend you take careful note of your login details. Once you have triggered your account, follow the below steps:
      1) Go to https://bpp.com/account
      2) Log in with your User name and password.
      3) Navigate to Step 1 where you will find an introductory recording about your ACCA paper, and some FAQs about the Hub If you ever forget your password, you can generate a new one by clicking the "Forgotten password?" link and by typing in your email address. You will be sent a code that you can use to reset your password.
      If you have received your login details and are experiencing any technical difficulties logging in, please contact BPP's 24/7 IT helpdesk via bpptac@bpp.com.

      Desktop Support

      What browser should use?
      it is recommended that you use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox Do not use Internet Explorer as it is outdated and will rely on fail to record any step assessments results you achieve.

      Mobile App support

      Can I learn on the go?

      Yes, the platform is mobile-friendly and responsive. There is also a dedicated mobile app. A link to download the app for both iOS and Android devices is available in the Getting Started section.

      How do I access the mobile app?
      A link to download the app for both iOS and Android devices is available in the Betting Started section.

      What devices are compatible with the mobile app?
      There is an ios version for Pads, and iPhones, as well as an Android version for Android and Kindle Fire devices.

      Can I watch videos offline?
      All videos are available to download onto your device for alline playback Simply go to the video and select the watch this later link.

      How do I delete downloaded videos from the mobile app?
      Downloaded videos will remain on your device unless you manually delete them. To delete downloaded videos, go to the home screen and select the settings cog at the bottom of the screen. From there, select Clear Downloads. This will delete all downloaded videos. It is not currently possible to delete individual videos.

      Can I do step assessments on my mobile?
      You should complete your stop assessments on your desktop as this will mime your real exam environment.

      Does the mobile syne with desktop?
      Yes, if you have been working using your App, the next time you log into your desktop the progress will synchronize between both devices.

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