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Advanced Excel Certification Course By FP Gargi Gupta and CA Piyush Gupta

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Zero to Advanced Excel Certification Course at Lowest Price covers basic topics and Advanced Topics like Pivot Table VLookup If Function Advanced Filter 200+ Shortcut Keys Sheet + Much more Gargi Gupta is a qualified Financial Planner from FPSB, US Denver. The certificate will be having a Signature of CA Piyush Gupta.

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Excel is a skill that every person must have. Excel is required in almost every business especially in reporting and accounting. 99% of people use excel only to use total and multiplication but don't use power tools like pivot table and vlookup which reduce the 90% of the work time. Using such tools you can easily complete the 1-week task in 10 minutes only. Get increment in your present job or get a new better job.

  1. Introduction to Excel
  2. Intro. to Home Tab
  3. Intro. to Insert Tab
  4. Working of Home Tab & Insert Tab
  5. Intro. to Page Layout Tab
  6. Intro. to Formulas Tab
  7. Working of Formulas
  8. Intro. to Data Tab
  9. Intro. to Review Tab
  10. Intro. to View Tab
  11. Insert chart
  12. Quick access part 1
  13. Quick access part 2
  14. Give a name to sheet
  15. Save options
  16. How to change the default location?ย 
  17. Understanding file
  18. Daily shortcut keys
  19. Short keys
  20. Formatting, themes & shortcut
  21. Sheet name & freeze panes
  22. Paste special, format numbers
  23. Font colour with paste special
  24. Assumption, percentage, decimal places
  25. View border & gridlines
  26. Structure, grouping, open copy sheet
  27. Assumptions, analysis, more keys
  28. Tracing dependents & precedents
  29. Conditional formatting
  30. Filter basics
  31. Filter advance
  32. IF function
  33. Make own shortcut
  34. VlookUP
  35. Pivot table
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CA Piyush Gupta has been providing the most innovative and latest techniques of learning classes for 11, 12, CA CS CMA Foundation & Tally ERP 9 in Haridwar for a long time now. Lots of in-class revision and unique method which enables students to devote the least time to study at home and score great marks in exams

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