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CA Final AMA Revision Course Old Syllabus by Parag Gupta

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Classes will be in the encrypted format and we will provide our own decryption and video player to play the classes. Since our player performs some technical checks before playing the class, so the student needs just 1-minute internet connection (min. speed 256Kbps) at the start of each class. As soon as class starts playing student may disconnect the internet. Our player is similar to Windows media player were you have pause play button and scrub/time-tool bar to move video back and forth, but you can't increase the speed. To understand the features of our player download a demo class & player from . After downloading and installing the player insert id as "Demo” and password as "password” to run the demo class.

Students will get 5 views extra to ward off technical glitches. In other words, First class is in unencrypted form so can be played infinite times, but for remaining 20 classes total 25 views will be provided. If the student has seen 8th class 2 times & 9th class 2 times then he has now only 21 views left to view remaining 18 classes. The validity of these classes is till (end of) Nov.'16. Students shall take utmost care to not waste any view. In case, any view gets wasted due to some technical reason then the student is supposed to send an email at to increase his views stating the problem faced by him.

In this revision batch, majorly all concepts are taught with the fewer number of questions, but theory topics are not covered in it.

In this revision batch, Simplex (Linear Programming) is covered in depth and classes of the normal batch are provided for simplex.

This batch is meant for especially those students who have already taken classes from any other teacher or from Parag Sir, but students who have not taken any class can also go for this batch, provided that they put desired efforts on their own.