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CA Final ISCA by Sanjay Khemka

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Course Summary


Terms & Conditions of Classes:

1) Classes will be available across entire India except West Bengal. These classes cannot be played in West Bengal. The delivery address and IP Address will be tracked and in case the classes are played in West Bengal, the amount will be forfeited and subsequent passwords cancelled.

2) Passwords will be issued with 1.5 Views. Hence, study sincerely and dont waste views.

3) Password for 1st 15 classes will be issued initially and then the student performance will be evaluated. Based upon the appraisal, subsequent passwords will be issued!

Appraisal will be on the basis of Diligence in Doing Classes, Random Check of Concepts and Understandings, Conduct while doing the classes!

4) Each password will only be valid till the date of the exams and subsequent to your term, the passwords would lapse!


Course Prerequisites


Does not work in Macbook.

Works only in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Minimum 2GB of RAM and 20GB free space required in C Drive.

Also include:

Why Sanjay Khemka Classes?

• Comprehensive Coverage from Inst Mat

• Entire syllabus in 60-65 hrs.

• Real life examples that are easy to understand and remember

• Past Record of excellent results

• Student friendly teaching style and interactive query session in case of queries