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CA Final Strategic Cost Management And Performance Evaluation By Parag Gupta

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Course Summary


Students will get 20% extra viewing hours. In other words, total classes are say of 165 hours then total viewing hours will be 199. Students shall take utmost care to not waste any view hour. In case, any view hours gets wasted due to some technical reason then the student is supposed to send an email at

About This Course 

  • This course is designed for CA FINAL New Course Costing (SCM &PE) students. All topics are covered with special emphasis on the new course examinations.
  • Concepts are visualized by giving Real Life examples.
  • Total no. of classes will be around 60-65 (You will receive 52 classes consisting of around 165 hours on this application and remaining classes consisting of international questions and RTP will be available on YouTube, whose link will be provided within class).
  • Complete detail like time duration of each class, topics dealt in each class is provided in break of 1st class.
  • The Soft copy of Handwritten class slides of Parag Gupta sir is also provided.
  • Revision, Study and Examination tips videos are also provided.
  • Classes will only run on Android Mobile and Tablet. IOS application is under development and require few months to develop.
  • Android Application will have several features such as playback speed, hours based access, etc. and students can watch the partial class and resume the class at the later stage as access will be on the basis of hours watched and not views.
  • In our app we have blocked HDMI port, screen mirroring and casting.
  • If students have any query, he is advised to first go to our blog page- If still your query is not resolved, feel free to email us at