NEET Medical 11&12th Physics,Chemistry and Biology By Misostudy

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Full Package of NEET Medical 11&12th Physics,Chemistry and Biology By Misostudy With a total of 1185 hours of lecture videos of HD quality, it covers the whole syllabus of class 11th and 12th.

This Course Includes:

  • 1. 1803 HD Video Lectures designed by top faculties
  • 2. Theory & Problem Solving Lectures of full syllabus
  • 3. Chapter-wise Exam Pattern Question Exercise
  • 4. Chapter-wise Soft Copy
  • 5. Online Test of important questions
  • 6. 24X7 Doubt Clearing
  • 7. Hard Disk Courses support (No Internet required)
  • 8. 24X7 Online Streaming Course
  • 9. Lecture Download support for Android and iOS
  • 10. Access anytime, anywhere using any device
Kit Contents

Video Lectures

97 Soft Copy

Lecture Duration

1185 Hours (1792 Lectures)

Validity Period

  • 24 Months (From the date of Activation)
  • 12 Months (From the date of Activation)
  • 6 Months (From the date of Activation)

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Topics Covered


Basic Mathematics|Units and Measurement|Motion in a straight line|Motion in a Plane|Laws of Motion|Work, Energy and Power|System of Particles and Rotational Motion|Gravitation|Properties of Matter|Fluid Mechanics|Thermal Properties of Matter|Thermodynamics|Kinetic Theory of Gases|Oscillations|Wave|Electrostatics-I|Electrostatics -II|Current Electricity|ElectrodynamicsMagnetism and matter|Electromagnetic Induction|Alternating Current|Electromagnetic Waves|Ray Optics And Optical Instruments|Wave Optics|Modern Physics- I|Modern Physics- II|Semiconductors|Communication Systems.


Mole Concept|Structure of Atom|Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties|Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure|States of Matter|Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry|chemical and ionic Equilibrium|Redox Reactions|Hydrogen and Its Compounds|S Block Elements|P Block Elements 11th|IUPAC Nomenclature|Hydrocarbons|Environmental Chemistry|Isomerism|General Organic Chemistry|Nuclear chemistry|Solid State|Solution|Electrochemistry|Chemical Kinetics|Surface Chemistry|General Principles & Isolation of Elements|Block Elements 12t|D & F Block Elements|Coordination Compounds|Haloalkanes & Haloarenes|Alcohol, Phenol and Ether|Aldehyde, Ketone and Carboxylic Acid|Amines|Biomolecules|Polymers|Chemistry in Everyday Life|Volumetric analysis|Salt Analysis|Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds.


The Living World|Biological Classification|Plant Kingdom|Animal Kingdom|Morphology of flowering plants|Anatomy of flowering plants|Structural Organisation in Animals|Cell: The Unit of Life|Cell Cycle and Division|Transport in Plants|Mineral Nutrition|Photosynthesis|Respiration in Plants|Plant Growth & Development|Digestion and Absorption|Breathing and Exchange of Gases|Body Fluids and Circulation|Excretory Products Elimination|Locomotion and Movement|Neural Control and Coordination|Chemical Coordination|Reproduction in Organisms|Sexual Reproduction in Plants|Human Reproduction|Reproductive Health|Principles of Inheritance|Molecular Basis of Inheritance|Evolution|Human Health and Disease|Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production|Microbes in Human Welfare|Biotechnology: Principle & Process|Biotechnology Applications|Organisms and Populations|Ecosystem|Biodiversity and Conservation|Environmental Issues

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  • Online Streaming - Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Androids, IOS
  • USB HDD/Pendrive - Windows 7/8/10.
  • SD Card - Android


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Miso Study aims towards imparting better education and learning to all students. As the quality of education is our utmost priority, we do not compromise with the level of experience and qualification of our faculty. All of them are highly trained in their area of expertise and have proven their worth with excellent results from past students.Our team of expert faculties are selected with good teaching skill, high qualification and experience. They are all expert in their subject and committed to the success of our students. We ensure to provide best results out of all level of students.

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