CA Aaditya Jain Self Attestation Details

Following are the details of Required Documents


2.Mobile no:
3.Email Id:
4.Father OR Mother Mobile No. With Name:
5.Name & Address of Firm where you are doing articleship:
6. ICAI Registration Number:
7.Permanent Address:
8.Address [ Where Books needs to be couriered] :


1.Passport (If not applied or do not possess then ignore) [Give It In Attachment]
2.Adhar Card[Give It In Attachment]:
3.PAN : [ (If not applied or do not possess then ignore) ] : [Give It In Attachment]
4.ID & Address proof like Voter Card: [Give It In Attachment]
5.Your ICAI Admit Card or any educational documents in which your registration number with name is indicated: [Give It In Attachment]
6.Payment Screenshot[Give It In Attachment]:
7.One Passport Size Photo[Give It In Attachment]
8.One minute video[Give It In Attachment/Simple Mobile Phone Camera Can Be Used]:

Video Matter: My name is......My ICAI registration number is....... My father’s name is......... I have purchased....(Mention Your Subject Name)...Thank You.

Mail The Above:

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