CA Final Corporate and Economic Law Preparation Strategy and Tips

The Aim should not just be to pass or score somewhere between 40-50 Marks in CA Final Law paper, BUT TO AIM FOR AN EXEMPTION.

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How to score well in CA Final Corporate and Economic Laws:

  • Begin with questions to which you know the answers really well. This will help in making a good first impression
  • Always answer questions in this format:
    • Heading
    • Relevant Legal Provision (With correct section number and correct name of the act with the year)
    • The fact is given in the problem
    • Correlation of the legal provision with the facts
    • Conclusion
  • Write crisp, precise and to-the-point answers without beating around the bush.
  • Underline keywords and section numbers
  • Start every question from a fresh page and write all the parts of one question in the same place.
  • For case-based questions, never start your answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You need to explain first and you can conclude at last.
  • There’s a chance that you forget some points while answering a particular question. If this happens, just leave some space before starting the next answer. You can come back to this later, once you remember the remaining points
  • In case you are short on time and still want to attempt certain questions to which you know the answer, write a synopsis and answer briefly
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Important Tips:

  • While studying for CA Final law, it becomes important to prioritize the topics to ensure that your mind space is not overwhelmed and that you make the best out of your ability to memorize well. Here are the high-priority topics to study: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, Winding up, Directors- Appointment, Qualification, Remuneration, and Miscellaneous Provision.
  • Go through the Study Material and Suggested Answers provided by ICAI and understand what kind of answers are expected from you. The presentation matters a lot. The marks you score depend on the adherence to the language used by the institute in its content

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  • You will require multiple revisions for this subject as you cannot be liberal with the language while quoting laws
  • You will not be able to mug up the terms until you understand them. Every law has a reason to exist. Understand the reasons
  • Refer to online video for understanding different laws and their intricacies

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  • Prepare your own notes citing important provisions and sections relevant to the context
  • While preparing notes, you can segment and club certain aspects for ease of learning like – Limits, Time Periods, Form numbers
  • Go through the amendments carefully and thoroughly. These are quite critical for the exam.

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  • Try reading loudly. It always helps with subjects like law and audit
  • Cover at least 3 practice papers before the D-day
  • Work on improving your writing speed as that could be a make-or-break skill even if you know maximum answers in the examination


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