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Welcome to Swapnil Patni's Classes

Swapnil Patni’s classes, was founded in December 2010.

It provides specialized class-room training for students undergoing the Chartered Accountancy Course.

The Academy conducts model examinations to boost the confidence of the students.

The conceptual explanations will be duly supported by practical examples, reference material, past examinations and revision test papers. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks. In this lecture we guide students personally to plan their studies. We don’t only teach in the class we complete syllabus thoroughly in the class itself by taking frequent cumulative revision, regular test but also virtual classes are running all over India in 150 cities.

We feel very proud to tell you that 1 st AIR topper of November 2016 batch is student of SPC classes, and 85 rankers has achieved their milestone. The mark gainers and rankers itself reflects the quality of our classes.

We inspire students through motivational lectures as we believe without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. All we say “You won’t need to study at home”. We are here to give a proper direction of your carrier; believe in us, the world will believe you.


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