CA Inter Accounts - Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

Dear CA Aspirants, the most awaited article is here. Frequently asked questions of CA Inter Students for CA Inter Accounts has been answered.

1. Who is the best faculty for CA Inter Accounts?

It would be wrong to name any faculty as best, because every teacher is famous for his own reasons and moreover the top faculties also differ from region to region. Before buying any, please go through the demo lectures.

" We have made an article with all faculties Teaching Accounts along with their backgrounds and reveiws from students - Click Here"

2. How to Prepare for CA  Inter Accounting?

Before you start try to clear the terms & concepts of Accounting.Make it a habit to practice questions corresponding to the theory you have read. Combine theory and numerical questions. This will help you in understanding the concepts well.Since this is a practical exam, a lot of practice is required. There will be a few questions that will appear to be tough even after multiple trials. Make a list of such questions so that you can have a quick view of these before exams.

Accounts Resources by ICAI- Study Material | Suggested Q & A | Revision Test Paper | Mock Test papers

3. How to Score well In CA Inter Accounting?

For practical subjects like this , you do not need to have beautiful/extraordinary presentation skills. However, basic hygiene is a must. You need to have an answer sheet which the examiner wants to read. Read the entire paper properly.Prioritize the questions you want to attempt first. Mark the numbers based on the sequence in which you want to attempt. Attempt the question you are most confident about first.Decide on approximate time to give to each question. Try to allocate 10 minutes for revision.This method will help you in scoring well in  Exam.

4. Is Study Material Enough for CA Inter Accounts?

The study material provided by the CA Institute are the best books and are enough to study for the CA Intermediate. But if you need extra reference for studies then try purchasing some reference books and also there are many video classes available for CA Intermediate You can find these classes here at Zeroinfy with the top Faculties of Accounts. There are also notes available for CA Intermediate at Zeroinfy as a important Resources which you can easily study them for further reference.

Here given are the links for Important Resources:

For PDFs: Click Here | For Videos: Click Here 

5. How to Prepare CA Inter Accounts by Self Study?

It is advisable to start studying right now. Do not delay. Regular study is required in a course like CA.Revise the syllabus completed over a regular basis so that you don’t forget them.Do complete your syllabus twice, at least 2 months before the exams, to complete one more round of revision (1 months) and for last month quick revision of exam-special-material.There are certain videos available for revision  in case you need any guidance on topic.Go for Study Material & Practice Manual (you will feel repetition of questions but take it as practice). This will create your base.

You can go through the Revision videos of Different Faculty on the link below: Click Here










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