CA Inter Study Plan for Nov 23 Exams

-Want to achieve good marks in CA Inter? Well, then, this CA Inter Study Plan is right for you.

CA Inter exams are never easy. It is one of the most difficult exams and so, the students should set a target to complete the entire syllabus of the CA Intermediate course.

CA Intermediate Subjects:

There are 4 subjects in each group

Group 1:

Paper-1: Accounting (100 Marks)
Paper-2: Corporate & Other Laws (100 Marks)

  • Part I: Company Law (60 Marks)
  • Part II: Other Laws (40 Marks)

Paper-3: Cost and Management Accounting (100 Marks)
Paper-4: Taxation (100 Marks)

  • Section A: Income-tax Law (60 Marks)
  • Section B: Indirect Taxes (40 Marks)

Group 2:

Paper-5: Advanced Accounting (100 Marks)
Paper-6: Auditing and Assurance (100 Marks)
Paper-7: Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management (100 Marks)

  • Part I: Enterprise Information System (50 Marks)
  • Part II: Strategic Management (50 Marks)

Paper-8: Financial Management and Economics for finance (100)

  • Part I: Financial Management (60 marks)
  • Part II: Economics of Finance (40 marks)

For Complete CA Inter Syllabus, Download PDF

Study Plan for CA Inter Nov 2023 Exams

It's very important for Students to know what to study and how much time should be given to each paper for CA Inter Exams.

Time hours to study: 10-12 hours daily

Subjects to revise daily: Accounts, Cost Accounting, Advance accounting (4 hours practical daily)

Subjects to revise weekly: Law, Eco, SM (fix one day of the week)

Papers to revise every 15 days: Audit and EIS (Assign the number of hours to be devoted in each subject)

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Study Plan Tips

  • Choose a proper place to study for yourself.
  • The seat should be comfortable, and the room should have proper lights.
  • Sit in a comfortable and upright position while studying
  • Make sure there's no disturbance when you're studying.
  • Make your notes neat and use markers to underline important topics.
  • Use the compilers of updated syllabus.
  • Create your own timetable   
  • Keep sufficient time for Revisions and Mock Tests

CA Inter Subject-wise Study Plan

Accounts & Advanced Accounts

  • Solve the practical questions without seeing the solution and thinking from concept point of view.
  • The students are advised to practice as many questions as possible.(i.e. one-two questions of each concept type)
  • Solve questions from ICAI Module for extra practice.
  • For ACCOUNTING STANDARDS, solve all practical questions from ICAI Module (especially, AS 10 from ICAI Module). Study theory notes.

Corporate & Other Laws

  • Law is very vast and it needs a proper revision from time to time. Mnemonics in this subject plays a crucial role in remembering the sections easily and also recall them in exams.
  • Understanding the concepts really well is important because law is all about interpretation. The hold on the sections is important.
  • Theory Questions: Answer in point form. | Practical Questions: Answer in paragraphs.
  • Write legal & Latin terms and relevant case laws wherever required.
  • Writing practice of answers is very important to score your best marks.

 Cost & Management Accounting

  • Read the Theory well & always start with the basic concepts.
  • Understanding the the formulas is important as learning them can create confusion in the exam. But if you understand them thoroughly then you will never get confused. 


  • First study notes completely along with solved illustrations of module.
  • Understand each and every clause
  • Go through all exercise questions of ICAI.
  • Summarize each topic from study material.
  • Make separate section list & important points list which you may forget easily.

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Auditing & Assurance

  • You can start with the Standards on Auditing as they cover 15-20 marks paper. They are easy and also scoring but you should always remember the name of Standards. Some important SA’s are SA 230, SA 330, SA 450, SA 505, SA 520, SA 610, SA 710.
  • Presentation of answer in Audit covers a good marks. Always write your answers in points or short paragraphs. Underline the important or key words.
  • Start your answers with the proper analysis of the question, then write the relevant provision and then end your answer with the proper conclusion.


  • Start preparing for the subject by Daily Reading & Cumulative Revision.
  • Make summary notes with key words of whole subject, so it will be easier to revise on the last day of the exam.
  • Answer in point form and add key words in the answer and it should be underlined.
  • Read the questions carefully and answer once the question is clear.


  • Solve all the practical questions without seeing the solution and thinking from concept point of view.
  • The students are advised to practice questions in writing. (i.e. one-two questions of each concept type)
  • Study theory questions and answers.
  • Solve questions from ICAI Module for extra practice.

Preparation Tips for CA Intermediate Nov 2023 Exams

To achieve a good CA Inter result, students must refer to ICAI resources such as:

  1. ICAI Syllabus
  2. ICAI Study Material
  3. Previous year’s Question Paper with Suggested Answers
  4. Mock Test Papers
  5. Revision Test Papers
  6. Sample Questions for 30:70 Assessment

By practising the previous year’s question paper and answering it in a similar format as the suggested answers, the student develops the skills to present the answers in the format expected by ICAI, which helps them to score marks. 

Points to be Remember:

  1. Maintain a healthy routine where you’re taking care of yourself. Eating and sleeping on time is extremely necessary because ultimately, your body is the engine, and sleep and food are its fuel. If it runs short on fuel, it won’t work. It will halt you from doing your best. 
  2. While it's important to have a strict timetable, it’s equally necessary to take breaks at regular intervals. This will keep you focused for a longer time period.
  3. Drink ample water. It freshens up your mind and body, plus drinking water balances the chemical processes in the brain, helping it work optimally and keeping stress and anxiety at bay. 

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