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ICAI Campus Interview Stats and Salary offered for CA Qualified and Toppers and Rank Holders were released. CA Salary in India and Salary Packages for Chartered Accountants in 2017 is provided as per the market conditions. The average Salary for CA hasn’t changed much in the recent years. It is true that, the Demand has come a little down, but, its not at all bad. CA Students who cleared CA final are getting very good Salary and Pay Packages from Multinational Companies. These stats are provided including the Campus Placements held in 2016. We have provided details on Salary Packages such as Average Salary Offered, Salary for Topper, Salary for other Students etc.

ICAI Campus Placements May 2017

In a tremendous response, nearly 100 organisations including public-sector undertakings and banks, with their 175 interview teams participated and made offers to a total of 1,279 newly qualified Chartered Accountants. As many as 8,770 candidates registered to avail themselves of the placement facility. Olam International Limited offered the highest salary for international posting, i.e. 76.32 FOREX ) lakh per annum and, Arcesium India Private Ltd. offered the highest salary for domestic posting, i.e. 24.00 lakh per annum.

Salary Package for All India CA Topper

The below table gives a detailed view of Salary offered for All India Topper.

  Year   Salary Package
  2013   Rs.27,10,000
  2014   Rs.30,60,000
  2015   Rs.29,20,000
  2016   Rs.36,90,000
  2017   Rs.31,60,000

Salary Package Top 5 Rank Holders

The below table gives a detailed view of Salary offered for All India Top 5 Rank Holders in the exams held by ICAI.

 Year  Highest    Salary  Average  Salary
  2013   Rs.28,00,000   Rs.17,00,000
  2014   Rs.26,50,000   Rs.18,20,000
  2015   Rs.24,00,000   Rs.16,70,000
  2016   Rs.29,50,000   Rs.19,10,000
  2017   Rs.26,80,000   Rs.18,40,000

Salary for First Attempt Passed

The Average and highest Salaries offered to the students who have cleared their CA Final Both groups with out a Rank, in the first attempt, are as follows:

 Year  Highest Salary  Average    Salary
  2013   Rs.19,50,000   Rs.11,00,000
  2014   Rs.21,00,000   Rs.10,90,000
  2015   Rs.16,00,000   Rs.9,30,000
  2016   Rs.18,00,000   Rs.11,40,000
  2017   Rs.17,50,000   Rs.10,20,000

Salary Packages for Others

The Salaries offered to students who did not clear CA final in a single attempt are as follows:

 Year  Highest    Salary  Average Salary
  2013   Rs.14,00,000   Rs.8,00,000
  2014   Rs.12,80,000   Rs.7,40,000
  2015   Rs.11,70,000   Rs.7,20,000
  2016   Rs.13,00,000   Rs.8,10,000
  2017   Rs.12,90,000   Rs.7,50,000

There is no such rule that, if you have failed multiple times in Exams, you will not be offered a good salary. For example, take the case of a student from Andhra Pradesh, who has failed 4 times in CA Final and clearing the exam only in the 5th time. He was still offered a Salary package of 12,00,000 for his knowledge in practical aspects, that he has learned during his Articleship period.

Will IPCC/Inter Attempts effect Salary

Most companies only consider the student’s performance in the CA Final exams. It means, even if have multiple times in CA IPCC/Inter, but scored good marks in CA final, you will get a good package.

Companies do see IPCC/Inter performance of a student to offer better salary package but wont punish the student for not scoring good marks in CA IPCC/Inter exams.

Most students agreed that CA Articleship experience has helped them a lot in securing good job.

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