Study Plan for CA Final Indirect Taxes from Toppers

Indirect Tax is the last and most crucial paper for CA Final Students. In this paper, students can score exemption (60+) with planned efforts.

Paper 7 : Indirect Tax : Toppers Study Plan

1) Simran Bakhtiyar [80 Marks : May 18]

My strategy was to continually revise the subject so that I don't loose grip over the subject.
CA FINALS is all about revising the concepts.I had my attempt in may 18 under new syllabus.
I took pd classes from CA Vishal Bhattad sir and the my classes got over and I started the subject so that I do not forget the concepts.I wrote papers before exams and realised how to write the crux of the provision in the given time.
Don't go for attempting full 100 marks but try to score maximum marks in each answer you wrote.
I attempted for 93 marks and scored 80.
This is my first attempt experience in which u couldn't clear.
Wish me luck for November 

CA Vishal Bhattad Sir - Pendrive - Click Here

2) VK [75 marks : May 18]

I took classes from batra sir.. No matter from whom u took/taking classes.. It all depends on ur preparation strategy.. I does daily revision after class for atleast 1.5 to 2 hours with a written practice of icai questions.. In exam ur presentation should b solid.. And i adopted the same manner as icai has adopted in their suggested.. Questions are very much less given by icai.. So do all atleast 2-3 times with a revision of whole course for the same number of times.. And one more thing all r important.. Gst custom along with ftp.. Many left out with ftp but beleive me... Once u study ftp.. Aftr that it will take 2 hrs maximum to revise and if u r more intelligent 1 hour and free k number h usme 5... So go ahead all the best to all of u and do written practice more and more to have a grip on subject 

CA Manoj Batra Sir : Click Here

3) Krishna Sharma [66 Marks : May 18]

In IDT, I did only latest Study Material issued by ICAI. In first time, i studied the whole act of gst. In second time, i did Briefing of sections with practical questions of ICAI. In April, i did only RTP, MTPs and 3 practice sets issued by ICAI. Just before exam day, again i did the briefing part of Study Material only.

Link : Revision Test Papers | Mock Test Papers

4) Harsh Rustagi [66 Marks : May 18]

As Gst is new to all of us, i made sure to cover each aspect as there was no clarity from which point the Q might come. Took classes from Vishal Bhattad Sir, his charts helped me thrugh. U have to memorise his charts in mind so u can flow in each direction the chart says so. That will ease upto 25-30% revision time, one day before exam. Practice is must as the subject is new. Go through the study material and respective teacher questionnaires. Revision atleast 3-4 times to get the grip on the subject.

Link : CA Vishal Bhattad - Videos & Questioners & Charts

5) Kanika Kataria [68 Marks : May 18]

IDT from RK sir.. Did the practice questions from new SM of IDT.. Also the questions from DG sirs ques bank.. Idt also revised thrice before exams..
Also did ques from past 2 years RTP..
Did the MTP of May 18 before exams (writing in exams conditions)..
That's all.

CA Final Free Resources Link :

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