How to Effectively Study Direct Tax in CA Final and Score an Exemption in Exams?

CA Final Direct Tax is one of the lengthy and difficult papers of the CA final groups. So completing such a huge course within a specific time period can be daunting. In this situation, a systematic study approach can be highly beneficial.

Make a proper strategy and study plan and follow it daily. Practice enough practical questions on every topic before proceeding on to the next one.

There’s no sure key to securing an exemption but I can reveal a trick to squeeze out the maximum marks from this subject. The trick is to lock maximum marks from the parts of the text which has a higher probability of questions being asked from.

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Scoring portion

  • AMENDMENTS: Every amendment usually has a story behind it. Every Case Law has weighed every provision from every angle. So if you keep wearing your logic cap, this subject shouldn’t become a problem for you.
    • Amendments again can be done in parts while doing the main chapters. It might help you score brownie points because there are attempts that are many a times filled with questions on amendments.
    • Mark the sections in the control sheet that have amendments, revise it on the go while doing the chapter, and you’re good to go!

CA Final DT Amendments by Top Faculties - Videos || PDFs

  • CASE LAWS: I have never understood why students have a tendency to leave Case Laws. If there is something that is extremely logical, has a displayed rationale behind it, then it is case laws.
    • There are THREE sources from where case laws can be asked:
      • 1) The ones that you come across while studying the provisons.
      • 2) Case Laws book Issued by ICAI (High Probability)
      • 3) RTP (High Probability)
    • The best time to read case laws is while taking breaks. And you do not have to finish the whole book in one sitting.
    • Pick a chapter. For eg. PGBP which has a huge number of case laws in the case law book. You can even opt to do only 10 case laws a day and revising it everyday.
    • Every case law has typically 4 parts: The issue at hand, Revenue’s stand, Asseessee’s stand and the final outcome.
    • You only have to pick a highlighter and mark those 4 parts and you are done saving time during your next revision.
  • NUMERICALS: Notes play an important notes u can specify section from income tax act supporting your working in the answer. But make sure you don't quote the wrong section as then the answer becomes completely wrong.

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    You can score exemption in CA Final DT if you follow the following methods:-

    1. Don’t escape anything. Try to cover the syllabus as early possible so that you will get time to revise it. And mind it revision is the utmost important part.
    2. Just make sure that you study daily. Keep your records intact at all times.
    3. Practice the questions from practice manual. You will get to know the pattern as well as answer quality what institute expecting from you.
    4. Do not forget to read all the amendments.
    5. Focus on case laws as It is very scoring area where you can reap the Marks easily.
    6. Try to answer the questions by referring the relevant sections and case laws.
    7. Don't forget to focus on assessment procedure part. It's very easy and scoring part which you can utilize of.
    8. Last but not the least ‘there should be proper format of your answers’. For this part practice from practice manual as much as possible.

    Don’t assume much about exams. Just remember you are there to discover something new. Exams are just an analysis, what is necessary is knowledge. So, earn as much education as possible.

    CA Final Direct Tax Important Resources by ICAI - Click Here

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