How to Prepare CA Final Audit by Self Study?

Preparation Strategy for CA Final Audit

There is no substitute to self study. The most important thing you need to score well in the CA Final Audit Exam is persistence and self-motivation. Start with making plans and strategies for how you will prepare for CA Final Exam.

Audit is a voluminous Subject of 22 chapters. Out of all the CA Final Papers, Advanced Audit Paper is the most technical one.

CA Final Audit Resources by ICAI - Study Material  |  Suggested Q&A

Preparation for CA Final Audit Exam

Following mentioned are some points if properly followed during & before the CA Final Audit Exam can help you in fetching good marks.

  • Use of technical words: In Audit, the right phrases and words are important. Often, the language of the Institute is what pushes students to pass the subject. Make a Summary of all technical terms, write them down separately and revise them on frequent basis. Whichever Author you refer to, make sure to refer to the Practice Manual as well to learn how to phrase your answers.
  • Presentation: Always use language similar to what’s written in the book from which you are preparing. In Audit, start by writing the premise of your answer, follow it up by the definition (if any) and derive your opinion from the same. Make a habit of underlining the important keywords and answer in bullet points.
  • Attempt questions of all 100 Marks: Try to attempt the complete 100 marks paper. Attempting full 100 marks paper can maximise your final marks and can increase your chances of scoring more.
  • Refer Books: For CA Final Audit, referring books by good authors along will help in better understanding of every concepts.

CA Final Audit Books - Click Here

  • Amendments: Have a track of amendments relevant for your and couple of earlier attempts. They may turn up in exam. RTP of past 2 to 3 attempts is suggested.

Important Links - Revision Test Papers | Mock Test Papers

  • Free Resources- Some teachers provide important lectures/amendments & pdfs, students can refer those in order to get better clarity & concepts of the subject.

CA Final Audit Free Resources by Top Faculties – Click Here

  • Important Topics: Generally from exam point of you, Standards, ethics, Companies Act, Peer Review, CARO, Fiscal Audit & AS/IndAS are the important topics. These topic should be done thorough but solely won’t be sufficient enough to get you good marks, as said, full coverage is very important in audit. You should check the chapterwise weightage as suggested by ICAI 

Free Videos on all Standards of Auditing by Top Faculties - Click Here

  • Video Lectures: For better understanding of CA Final Audit, attending video lectures at home can be very helpful. Since one can watch the video lectures at home, it won’t be much time-consuming. Teachers are providing Fast Track & Revision Courses as well which covers almost 100% of the syllabus in less time.

CA Final Audit Full Course in Pendrive Mode - Click Here

CA Final Audit Crash Course in Pendrive Mode – Click Here

  • Section-wise weightage: ICAI has released a section-wise weightage under the revised scheme of Education & Training. Referring the same would be very helpful.

CA Final Audit Section-wise weightage by ICAI – Click Here

Important Points to note:

  • Always write and practice.
  • Learn Point Heading and write.
  • Try for Mock Exams by ICAI and different faculties.
  • Solve MCQ'S
  • Use Mnemonics Technique to Memorise Headings
  • Make sure to make notes & mark all your doubts while watching the lectures.

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