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It has never been easy to obtain good marks in professional courses especially when you are pursuing CA. Smart work is needed more than hard work here. It is very important for a Chartered Accountant to have a deep understanding of practical subjects like FR, SFM, Tax, etc for they are more practically used in the professional world.

In the beginning, one should be fully aware of the syllabus of Strategic Financial Management so that his/her preparation for future studies can be planned accordingly. The study material of ‘Strategic Financial Management’ has been divided into thirteen chapters/topics based on the given syllabus.

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How to study CA Final SFM

  • You do not have the privilege of doing a selective study in any of the papers of the CA final. The same holds true when you prepare for CA Final SFM. So do not skip any chapter while preparing.

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  • This subject is full of concepts. Focus on understanding the concepts well to get a better grasp of the subject.
  • Make your own notes. They will serve as the best reference for you before your exams.
  • Try to segregate chapters into topics and sub-topics. This will help you to plan and focus well. Practice 2-3 questions from each sub-topic. If you follow this, you will be able to cover your syllabus efficiently.
  • Try to finish FOREX, Portfolio Management, and Derivatives first. They are highly relevant and crucial topics. Once you are done with them, do others. Do not leave any topic.
  • Some of the chapters are inter-related and flow together. You can plan to study and revise them one after another. This will help in saving time and gaining better conceptual clarity. For your convenience we have done the pairing of chapters that should be studied together:
  • Read Derivatives before starting Risk management since many of the
  • Do not ignore small topics like Factoring and Money Market Instruments. These are very easy to prepare and can help you fetch those extra marks during the examination
  • Since conceptual clarity is of utmost importance, refer to online videos wherever you feel stuck.
  • Revise all topics at least twice before the exam.
  • Always practice the revision test papers and mock test papers provided by ICAI. You will definitely get a fair idea about the pattern of the paper.

"CA Final SFM Important Resources by ICAI - RTPs || MTPs"

  • Do not only attempt test papers. Analyze your performance and identify topics that need more practice. 


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How To Plan Study For CA Final SFM:

Strategic Financial Management is one of the most scoring subjects among all which can be prepared for CA-Final. If you want to score high or even higher in CA then your focus should be on SFM. It is always better to put your valuable effort on which the return can be possibly max.  The following tips should help you to get good marks on your examination as well as make a clear concept for you for any future reference.

Few Tips:

  1. Try developing a good writing speed, which is purely necessary. If you are a person, pursuing CA, you can easily relate to it.
  1. Quality over quantity is encouraged by ICAI. Do not fill the page with unnecessary words, rather providing answers to the point will be really helpful. It will not only save time but also save your energy.
  1. Use specific words that are demanded by ICAI in an answer sheet. It higher your chances of success on the examination.
  1. Again, try to mark the trend, which is very necessary if you want to carry good marks. Keep your senses open, try to make some prediction of what kind of questions can appear on the examinations.
  1. Do time management, make plans, have a blueprint ready.


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Few Important Points:


  1. Read, read, and read the same thing over and over. If you don't understand the first three times, you will understand it the fourth time.
  1. Try different books for different approaches from different authors.
  1. Luckily SFM is not India specific, so there are tones of resources out there to clarify individual concepts. Don’t forget to use them.
  1. Work out problems to cement your understanding. If you find that you've been working in a completely different direction, go back to the theory, figure out not just what would be right, but why you went wrong. That's the only way to be conceptually strong.
 "CA Final Strategic Financial Management Important Resources by Top Faculties - Videos & PDFs"

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