Score 60+ in CA Final Law and Audit

Law and Audit are the scariest subjects in the CA Final course because what we read is actually a theory but what ICAI asks in the exam is beyond our expectations.

Even getting pass in theory papers like Audit seems to be a challenge but still, there are some students who score exemption in these subjects. How?

Do they work extraordinary? Have they completed SM, PM, MTP, RTP everything? Or what was their strategy?

Such type of questions might be roaming in your mind. You will find all such answers on this page. None of the students takes CA Final lightly otherwise he could not be a CA Finalist. Every person works hard to achieve their goal. But what is the difference by which some students achieve exemption and other could not even clear these subjects?

Here we are sharing you a strategy by which you can also achieve exemption in CA Final audit and Law papers –

Do Not Replace Keywords

It is a myth among students that you have to write a bookish language. Be practical students, you cannot remember such language for a long. So, you can use your language but the keywords in the answers should not be replaced.

Even you are thinking that your word is better than what has written, still, you are not allowed to replace the keywords. For Example Nature, Timing and Extent, or Test of Details or sufficient and appropriate audit evidence.

Quote Section and SA Number

Till IPCC/CA Intermediate level, it is not mandatory to write the section number or SA number because at such level only basic knowledge regarding the provision is tested.

But at the Final level, ICAI demands the experts which mandatorily require to quote section number or SA Number and name.

End Your Answer with An Appropriate Conclusion

After clearing CA Final, you will be a Chartered Accountant and you have to express an opinion on the Financial Statements. Most of the time, ICAI do not ask questions directly from the course, it gives you a practical case study on which you have to express your opinion.

You will be granted marks based on your conclusion beside other things which must be appropriate. Writing irrelevant or unnecessary things can frustrate the examiner so write your answer point to point.

Support your conclusion like auditor should give a qualified report or adverse report or unqualified report as per your opinion.

Support Your Reading with Charts

The course is very vast and time is less. Revise again and again from such lengthy books is not possible. But it’s hard to clear CA Final without proper revision. You should support your revision with charts or short notes which consumes less time and also interesting to read.

You should prepare such charts or short notes amid the preparation for your course. These charts would help you alot at the time of your revision and not let you feel boring.

Either you can paste some revisionary charts on the wall of your room which makes you read them so many while you are roaming here and there.

Don’t forget to read CA Final One Month Revision Strategy.

Proper Presentation

Writing correct answer is not sufficient to gain marks in CA papers. Besides writing the correct answer you have to present it properly. The answer must be given in a sequence as demanded by ICAI.

It should start with what examiner wants to ask or what question is demanding. Then it should be supported by the necessary section and provision. You should also support it with case law if possible. At last, end your answer with the appropriate conclusion.

Proper Presentation of Case Laws

Not only answer but case law should also be presented properly. Well, most of the students commit such a mistake. They write the name and directly give the result of case law.

However, You should summarize it with the fact of the case then explain the situation or problem in the case. At last, write the solution or result of the case. This presentation will help examiner in evaluating your paper easily and help you in attaining good marks.

Timely Revision

Revision is as important as completing the course. Your all efforts will be wasted if you haven’t given timely revision to your course.

Seperate a day from the week to revise your course which you have completed in last 15 days. Beside this, you should also give the last 15 minutes of the day for a short recall to revise the things you have studied during the whole day.

It takes you to feel that you have a command over the topics which you have prepared. Maybe, you won’t be able to complete one or more such topics but what you have completed, you can recall such in your exam without any effort. Hence, properly plan your studies which include timely revision.

Consider PM and RTP

Might be, you have gone through many questions but still cover the questions given in PM and revise them with the help of RTP.

Study Material and Practice Manual provided by the ICAI is beneficial for the students. It covers the question which ICAI wants to ask. You should follow the pattern given in the SM and PM to present your answer.

Also, ICAI has a tendency to repeat the questions directly from the PM and now SM. RTP covers very less number of questions which could revise your whole course. So, try to cover past 3-4 attempts RTP. 

Download from here- CA Final Revision Test Papers

Practice MTP

After completing your course, you should involve into your habit to solve either MTP or Past Attempt Papers. Practicing papers at home will help you in improving your answer as well as you can manage speed in your exams.

Solve MTP of this attempt and 3 past attempt question papers.

These are some tips which will surely help you in exempting theory papers in CA Exam. Hope you like this article. All the best.

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