Preparation Strategy for Elective paper-6E Global Financial Reporting Standards

The objective of this elective paper is to help students develop an understanding of the key concepts and principles of International Financial Reporting Standards in practical scenarios.

Strategies for CA Final Global Financial Reporting Standards

  • You need to prepare this subject when you have completed Financial Reporting since it involves the application of concepts of financial reporting.
  • In Financial Reporting, study Ind AS thoroughly. This is a very crucial topic for this elective
  • This subject will check your conceptual clarity of financial accounting, consolidation and related reporting practices. So, ensure that your foundations are strong
  • Understand comprehensively the difference between IFRS and GAAPs and apply the same in practical cases
  • Also, pay attention to the differences between Ind AS and IFRS
  • The following material will be provided in an examination hall:
  • Bare text on all Ind AS as mentioned on Ministry of Corporate Affairs website
  • Difference between Ind AS and IFRS as on ICAI’s website
  • List of IFRS corresponding to Ind AS with list of IFRICs/SICs included in Appendices to Ind AS.

Relevant Information for the Exam

  • As students are allowed to take their notes in the examination hall, there is significant importance of well-made notes. Crisp and well-structured notes can definitely help you to score well.
  • The study material comprises six case studies and their solution. While studying, try to understand the way in which answers have been structured and presented. Also, make tiny notes of any key points you encounter while reading.
  • While practicing mock papers, try to analyze the questions first, understand the problem, figure out the bottlenecks, refer to the books and then answer the question
  • The question paper will consist of case studies. Each case study, 20 marks are allocated to MCQs and 30 marks to descriptive questions. The case study may comprise of more than one independent or related case for broader coverage of the syllabus.
  • Do not completely depend on an open book. Your basics should be strong
  • Approximately 40% weight-age will be on objective type questions and 60% weight-age on descriptive and numerical type questions.

Online resources to prepare for CA Final Global Financial Reporting Standards

As discussed earlier Elective Paper consist of 6 optional Papers and it has different faculties for all the individual subjects.For the refrence Click on the link below for more relevant Information.


There are various important resources available on our website as important PDFs and Important Videos.Click on the below link to go through it:

Link of PDFs:

Link for Videos:

Important Points to note :

  • Always write and practice.
  • Learn Point Heading and write.
  • Try for Mock Exams by ICAI and different faculties.
  • Use Mnemonics Technique to Memorise Headings
  • Make sure to make notes & mark all your doubts while watching the lectures.

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