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Satish Jalan Classes dimensionalise teaching in their own way. They belief in certain techniques of teaching and follow them to take their students to the peak they are at today. The reasons behind their effective teaching lies in their way of belief’s.

Satish Jalan Classes believe that learning should be fun and flipped the classical classroom environment. Why? Because our brain is most active when we are enjoying ourselves. We are more capable of absorbing and later recalling any information. In short, having fun gets us engaged, turning us into a well – oiled machine to achieve new levels of understanding. Their learners never feel the pain of learning. They have always enjoyed and will keep enjoying forever.

Satish Jalan Classes believe in creating a learning environment. Here a learner is able to simulate itself in the psychological instance of the problem and find the most humanitarian solution. The method of finding the solution is what other calls – The Concept. Their aim is to never let any learner memorize but to help them become a problem-solver for themselves and for all, anytime, anywhere!

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Satish Jalan Classes blend technology in all their methods of imparting knowledge. Their infrastructure for Classroom is high-end and latest tech enabled. This has helped them to encourage the aspirants coming from urban locality to remote countryside to face the digitalism – the future of the world! Moreover, they keep upgrading themselves to upgrade their learners.

Satish Jalan Classes believe that learning should be effective in all its means. With a constant focus on getting results over 10 years, they have come along in leaps to become pioneers. They have developed an Integrated Socialised Online cum Classroom Learning with an outbound Learning Management System that learners actually want to use.

Satish Jalan Classes aim to create a sustainable and healthy learning system whereby the aspirants learn as per their need of learning– formal or informal, at their own terms and flexibility so that nobody can ever excuse learning. Each one would love learning. With their platform, they envision to reaching every corners and make knowledge available and accessible to all.

Satish Jalan Classes create values. All the content that they design are to educate about ethics and values of life, humanity and nature amidst a highly engaging pedagogic milieu involving technical problem-solving and an exam orientation approach. They believe in giving than in taking.

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