Scope of CFA

Scope of the CFA programme in today’s context

All things considered,Finance is global in nature. 

First and foremost,the CFA charter is recognised by the industry as the gold standard.

Next, with ethics, strong analytical skills, rigour and tenacity, CFA charter-holders in Asia are well positioned to bring a global perspective to the investment industry.

Furthermore, we have seen many employers in the region posting job vacancies with a requirement or preference for a “CFA charterholder” or “CFA candidate.”

Kinds of opportunities available for CFA candidates

The CFA Programme provides candidates with relevant, up-to-date knowledge base and skill sets. The industry puts an emphasis on practical experience.

No doubt,for aspiring individuals wanting to pursue a finance career, the CFA Programme is a good starting point.

Meanwhile,The Asian financial markets present major opportunities with the economic growth in countries such as China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

CFA charterholders usually play leading roles in bank, investment bank, pension fund, investment firms, mutual fund, insurance company, and others.

Popularity of  CFA in India

Despite the financial crisis, the number of candidates remained resilient and has increased by 9 per cent, reflecting the strong commitment among finance professionals to high standards of competency, integrity, and professional excellence, which are at the core of the CFA exam.

Qualifications for CFA candidates

Accordingly,anyone with a university bachelor’s degree in any discipline can enrol in the CFA Programme. Candidates usually have a full-time job, while some are students (final-year students in their bachelor’s degree programme or postgraduate students).

CFA Salary

CFA Charter holder also has a good scope of earning than the non-credential peers.

Furthermore,the CFA salary for a professional is determined based on various factors such as experience level, job description, job type, sector, and employer type and company size. An entry level CFA charter holder starts earning from Rs. 2.5 lakhs annually reaching up to Rs. 20 lakhs in India.

CFA Demand

The scope of a CFA is vast and profitable in the real corporate world. Thus, a CFA certification is definitely worth it for a finance professional in the real industrial scenario.

Professionals can go through various CFA training programs in order to crack the rigorous exam based on various finance areas.

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