Study Plan for Information Systems Control and Audit (ISCA) from Toppers

ISCA, being mainly a theory subject, gives a vibe to the students that they cannot score well in this subjects. However, with proper planning, students can score exemption (60+ marks) in this theory subject as well.

Paper 6 : ISCA : Toppers Study Plan

1) Sachin B [62 Marks : May 18]

Just pick up study material nothing else 
More focus on chapter 1,2, 4, 6 &8 these chapter carry more weightage as compared to rest one
Don't leave single point left in these chapter
I had done same 
Rest chapter u may be average
Daily revision of 2 hour
You can see pm just for question
More focus on point which have 4 or more point in a single question

Don't left single question left on these 5 chapter. These are not lengthy as compared to 3 and 5

Attempted and correct answer of 75 marks

2) Shashank [67 Marks : May 18]

Swapnil patni concept the ultimate book
Daily listened to his class on you tube for 2 hrs..
Daily means literally I had watched class 3 times and by heart 3 times..

While listening there itself used to by heart

Last month again one revision which took 2 days

Exam previous days 2 times revision which is very much possible

 Swapnil Patni ISCA - Pen Drive

3) Harsh Rustagi [79 Marks : May 18]

Min 3 readings has to be given for the subject, thoroughly. Learn the headings with Q, because main thing in Isca is to recall the Q in the exams, for that u have to learn the Qs as well. Headings are must as examiner will not reward u marks if the heading is wrong and content is right. Lastly I gave importance to content with key words. U need not learn the content or mugg up . For me understanding did the job, make sure u mark key words in each points which will award u marka for sure.

4) Anu Garg [56 Marks : May 18]

Did from Swapnil Sir summary notes 4 times revision
It only contains 50 pages which can be easily revised and put grip on whole chapters

Swapnil Patni ISCA Revision Classes

5) Bagya Lakshmi [61 Marks : May 18]

ISCA is all about remembering the answers. The question paper is such that unless you know the answer you cannot put anything on the answer sheet. I will discuss here how to prepare for the exam.

Looking at the question paper pattern, marks assigned to each question can be between 2 marks to 6 marks. Meaning, number of questions asked is more and it demands precise answers. Not the length but the content is important. For 2 marks minimum four lines or half page answer will do. For 6 marks minimum single page answer will do; maximum in both cases is upto you.

While reading answers think you are preparing for a 6 marks question i.e., question with maximum marks. This way it doesn’t matter if the question is given for 6 or 2 marks; you can answer either way. 
The answers are presented in two ways: Written as paragraphs and written as points. 
Written as paragraphs: For these kind of answers you should remember minimum 5 meaningful sentences.
Written as points: For these kind of answers memorise all the points and minimum one sentence for each point.

Choose ICAI study material, if not this, your coaching institute material. Without reading practice manual do not go to exam. Try reading all topics. If you choose to read only certain topics then read everything without skipping any answer.

CA Final Free Resources Link :

ISCA Free PDF |  ISCA Free Videos | Revision Test Papers | Mock Test Papers


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