AnalystPrep's Level II CFA Exam Mock Exams

The level II CFA exam is often regarded as the hardest among candidates and charterholders. The curriculum is much denser and answering 120 item set questions is not an easy task. In addition, most candidates attempting the level II CFA exam are a lot more serious, and the competition is therefore tougher.

What is Different in the Level II Exam?

In the 2015 CFA Institute Exam Preparation Survey, it was found that level II CFA exam candidates studied on average 315 hours to prepare for the test and most of them use third-party preparation material, which includes level II CFA questions banks and/or mock exams offered by different prep providers. The hardest chapters were Derivatives, Alternative investments, and Fixed income. The good thing here is that the chapters are the same as in the level I CFA exam. However, the weights of these chapters in the level II CFA exam are completely different. Equity valuation is now the most tested chapter, whereas Quantitative methods, Economics, Alternative investments and Portfolio management each represent only 5-10% of the test.

How Can AnalystPrep Help You Pass?

At AnalystPrep, we are cognizant of the fact that passing the Level II CFA exam requires a mix of qualitative and descriptive knowledge as well as problem-solving abilities. Level II CFA Program Mock Exams offered by AnalystPrep mimic the item sets found in the actual exam by covering the most important concepts and calculation steps from the curriculum.