AnalystPrep's Video Lessons For CFA Level 1

Benefits of AnalystPrep's CFA Exam Video Lessons:

Better Illustrations- 

Sometimes demonstrating a concept is the best way to learn. Our CFA videos make the most of visual analogies to explain otherwise elusive and mind-boggling concepts. Real-world scenarios and examples are just what you need to envision the practical aspect of your studies.

Increased Convenience- 

You can watch videos on the go or in the comfort of your office or living room. This will help you go through the CFA curriculum at a much faster speed so you can allocate more time to the most important part of the learning process – practicing using our CFA level 1 question bank and mock exams!

Enhanced Retention-

Naturally, the human brain takes less time to respond to visuals than written material. By watching our videos filled with real-life examples, your brain will process information more quickly, helping you circumvent hours of intensive reading.


On-Demand Video Lectures:

Wouldn’t it be great if studying for the CFA® Exam was as easy as watching TV?
With AnalystPrep video lessons, it is!

Whether you are just beginning to explore the career possibilities the CFA charter
has to offer, or are already registered to sit for the CFA exam, AnalystPrep has video content and resources to prep you for success. In addition, AnalystPrep offers question banks, mock exams, and study notes for all levels of the CFA and FRM programs. There is sure to be something that will assist you on your path to becoming a CFA Charterholder.

At AnalystPrep, we love to help you learn. Our videos feature professional educators presenting overviews and in-depth explorations of all topics in the curriculum. Our videos are broken down into readings that reflect the format of the CFA exam.

Simply register a free account and let AnalystPrep’s CFA exam video lessons teach you all of the complex concepts covered in the Level I of the CFA exam curriculum. Our videos lessons follow the same pattern as the 58 readings from the curriculum, with the exception that we emphasize on the LOS – the learning objectives on which exam questions are based!! Plus we add convenient mathematical examples throughout so that you are better prepared on the big day.

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