AnalystPrep's Video Lessons For FRM Part I

Benefits of AnalystPrep's FRM Video Lessons:-

Better Illustrations: 

Sometimes demonstrating a concept is the best way to learn. Our FRM videos make the most of visual analogies to explain otherwise elusive and mind-boggling concepts. Real-world scenarios and examples are just what you need to envision the practical aspect of your studies.

Increased Convenience:

You can watch videos on the go or in the comfort of your office or living room. This will help you go through the FRM Part 1 books at a much faster speed so you can allocate more time to the most important part of the learning process – practicing using our FRM question bank and mock exams!

Enhanced Retention:

Naturally, the human brain takes less time to respond to visuals than written material. By watching our video lessons filled with real-life examples, your brain will process information more quickly, helping you circumvent hours of intensive reading.

Video Lectures made for Busy Candidates:

Wouldn’t it be great if studying for the FRM exams was as easy as watching TV?
With AnalystPrep’s FRM video lessons, it is!

Whether you are just beginning to explore the career possibilities the FRM charter
has to offer, or are already registered to sit for the FRM exams, AnalystPrep has video content and resources to prep you for success. In addition, AnalystPrep offers FRM question banks, mock exams, and study notes for all levels of the FRM programs. There is sure to be something that will assist you on your path to becoming a financial risk manager.

At AnalystPrep, we love to help you learn. Our FRM Part 1 video lectures feature our
professional educators presenting overviews and in-depth explorations of all topics
covered in the source material. Our videos are broken down into books and chapters that reflect the format of the actual FRM exam.

Simply register a free account and let AnalystPrep FRM video lessons teach you all of the complex concepts covered in the GARP books. Our videos lessons follow the same pattern as the chapters from the curriculum. Plus we add convenient mathematical examples throughout so that you are better prepared on the big day.

Meet Our Lead Instructor, Professor James Forjan' PhD:

Professor James Forjan, who has taught college-level finance classes for over 23 years, summarizes the FRM Part 1 books in simple videos. With a clear passion for teaching, Prof. Forjan has worked in the finance preparation industry for decades after earning his PhD in the 1990’s. His resume includes:

  • BS in accounting
  • MSc in Finance
  • PhD in Finance (minor in Economics and two PhD level classes in Econometrics)
  • Has taught at different 6 universities (undergraduate and graduate-level Finance classes)
  • Co-author of investment books
  • Has crafted, edited, updated, and upgraded a multitude of exam-style questions for financial exams
  • And much more…