Bhagvad Gita - Lesson 26 - Suggested Answers

Q1) Explain Yagna chakra as described in shloka 3.14-16?
In Shlokas 3.14-16...God has created this Yagna Chakra and prescribed a very systematic way for all the jivas to raise from the very lower stage to the level of Bhakti. Lord says that all living beings subsist on food grains and food is produced by rains. Rains come from the performance of yagna(sacrifice), and sacrifice is produced by the performance of prescribed duties.The duties for human beings are described in the Vedas, and in these eternal Vedas, the duties of humans have been laid down by God himself. Therefore, the all-pervading Lord is eternally present in acts of sacrifice. These vedas have given chance for the conditioned souls to attain liberation; therefore the conditioned souls must try to follow the process of yajna by becoming Krsna conscious and then return back to Godhead.

Q2) What happens when we do not follow yagna chakra?

Lord says that that, One who does not follow in human life the cycle of sacrifice established by the Vedas certainly lead a life full of sin, being condemned more and more. Living only for the satisfaction of the senses, such a person lives in vain and therefore they need to execute pious work. Thus persons conforming to the divine law become pure at heart and free from material contamination.

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