Bhagvad Gita - Lesson 27 - Suggested Answers

Q1) Who are karmis, akarmis, and vikarmis?

Karmis - Who works with attachment according to sastras and attracts good reactions. Akarma - Who does all acts for Krishna and has no desire for sense gratification. they act as servitor of Krisna. Vikarma - Who works with attachment but against scriptual injunctions and attracts bad reactions.

Q2) Why great personalities like JANAKA MAHARAJ used to perform the prescribed duties?
King like Janaka Maharaj still used to perform his prescribed duties just to set an example to his people. As the King of Mithila, he had to teach his subjects how to perform prescribed duties.  Therefore, just for the sake of educating the people in general, great personalities should perform the prescribed duties

Q3) Explain the Shloka of B.G 3.21 Yat Yat acharati....?
Whatever action is performed by a great man, common men follow in his footsteps. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues. That is : A leader should perform prescribed duties to set an example for others. As per Lord Chaitanya, a teacher should behave properly before teaching. e.g. A leader cannot teach the public to stop smoking if he himself smokes. There are many revealed scriptures like Manu Samhita which can be referred to as 'Standard Book/scriptures for humanity'. Thus the leaders teachings' should be based on principles of such standard sastras.
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