Bhagvad Gita - Lesson 4 - Suggested Answers

Lesson #4 - Answers


A) Word sanatan means eternal and dharma means constantly existing with particular object. Sanatan dharma is the eternal relationship between Ishwar and living entities which constantly exists and never ends. To provide service is sanatan dharma. We might belong to any religion and still be following sanatan dharma. We may change our religion but sanatan dharma cannot be changed.

Q2) What is the Dharma of Sugar? What is our Dharma?

A) "Dharma of Sugar is to be sweet. There is no question of sometimes becoming sweet and sometimes becoming bitter. That is not sugar. Sugar must be sweet. Similarly, dharma is also a ""must be."" It cannot be option, or a kind of faith which you can change at your whims. Thus, we can say that the characterstic of living beings or jivas is to serve and our main and only characterstics is to serve Lord Krishna i.e. to engaage our services for enjoyment of our Supreme Lord".

Q3) What is the name of the spiritual planet of LORD KRISHNA ( which is in VAIKUNTHA)?
A) The name of Spiritual planet of lord Kirshna is GOLOKA (Also called as Goloka Vrindavan)

Q4) There is no light, no Electricity, no Sun, no Moon in VAIKUNTHA! Then, what is the source of light there?
A) The Source of Light in Goloka Vridavan (Vaikuntha) is BHRAMAJYOTI i.e. the rays of light emanating from the body of Supreme Lord Krishna. This Param Jyoti comprising of perfect Consciousness & bliss, is directly perceivable.


Q1) सनातन धर्म का अर्थ क्या है?
A) जीव की शाश्वत वृत्ति ही उसका सनातन धर्म है। वह जिसका न आदि है न अंत। सेवा जीव की सहचरी है और सेवा करना जीव का सनातन धर्म है सेवा

Q2) चीनी का धर्म क्या है? मनुष्यों का धर्म बताइए?

A) चीनी का धर्म है उसकी मिठास। सेवा करना ही मनुष्यका शाश्वतधर्म है।

Q3) भगवान कृष्ण के परम धाम का नाम बताइए।( जो कि वैकुंठ में हैं )?
A) आध्यात्मिक आकाश में गोलोक वृंदावन ही भगवान का परम धाम है।

Q4) भगवान के धाम में न तो सूर्य या चंद्रमा है, न ही प्रकाश या बिजली।फिर वह कैसे प्रकाशित है?

A) भगवान का धाम परमेश्वरसे निकलने वाली ब्रह्मज्योति द्वारा प्रकाशित है।

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