CA FINAL Costing Fast Track Scheduke - J K Shah Classes - Prof Mayuresh Kunkalienkar

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Chapter Name Duration (Hrs/Min/Sec)
Introduction 00:07:20
Activity based costing 02:42:37
Standard Costing 14:15:57
Decision Making 18:47:25
Pricing Decision 03:11:48
Divisional Transfer Pricing 06:10:49
Profitability Analysis 03:24:35
Budgetary Control 01:15:43
Introduction to strategic cost management 01:31:06
Modern Business Environment 02:24:49
Lean System Innovation 02:45:51
Cost Managment Techniques 02:14:22
Performance Measurement and Evaluation 02:56:11
Conclusion 00:01:33
Total Duration 61:50:06
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