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November 18(55 marks)

MCQs By Bhanwar Borana: Click Here
OECD vs UN Model Tax Convention - Click Here
Important Sections by Vijay Sarda: Click Here
Question Bank by Farooq Haque: Click Here
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LMR By Kalpesh Sanghavi : Click Here
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MTP : Aug 18 Question Paper | Suggested Answers
Case Studies, MTPs, May 18 Qs Papers with Solutions: Click Here
Question Papers November, 2018
New Case Laws By Bhanwar Borana: Click Here
International Taxation Case Studies Compiler: Click Here


Vijay Sarda:

Ch - 7 Search and Seizure - Click Here
Ch - 11 MAT AMT - Click Here
Ch - 6 Revision Shortest Notes - Click Here
Ch - 4 Appeal Shortest Notes - Click Here

Revision Test Papers :  May 2018
Suggested Answers : Nov 19 May 2019 I November 2018 I May 2018
Mock Test Papers : Questions I Answers
Question Papers : May 2019 I November 2018 I May 2018
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Study Material Relevant  Examinations

Initial Pages | Transfer Pricing | Non-resident Taxation | Double Taxation Relief | Advance Rulings | An Overview of the Black Money and the Imposition of Tax Law |Taxation of E-Commerce Transactions | Tax Treaties: Overview, Features, Application and Interpretation | Anti Avoidance Measures | Overview of Model Tax Conventions | Annexure to Study Material

Case Studies Examinations

Case Study 1: Questions I Answers | Case Study 2: Questions I Answers | Case Study 3: Questions I Answers | Case Study 4: Questions I Answers | Case Study 5: Questions I Answers | Case Study 6: Questions I Answers | Case Study 7: Questions I Answers


International Case Studies : Click Here 
Book E01 Question Bank & Case Studies May 2019 : Click Here
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Books F02 Study Notes : Click Here
Double Taxation : Click Here
ADIT Principles of International Taxation : Click Here
Fundamentals Principles of Taxation : Click Here
Quick Recap International Taxation : Click Here

Audio Notes For International Taxation :

F51 International Taxation : Click Here | F53 Special Rates & DTAA : Click Here | F55 Transfer Pricing Provisions : Click Here | F56  Authority of Advance Ruiling : Click Here | F57 NR Presumptive Taxation : Click Here | F59 TDS & Equilisation Levy : Click Here

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